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Sunday, July 13, 2008

STORY: "A Death in the Desert"

"A Death in the Desert"

Everett Hilgarde was conscious that the man in the seat
across the aisle was looking at him intently. He was a large,
florid man, wore a conspicuous diamond solitaire upon his third
finger, and Everett judged him to be a traveling salesman of some
sort. He had the air of an adaptable fellow who had been about
the world and who could keep cool and clean under almost any

The "High Line Flyer," as this train was derisively called
among railroad men, was jerking along through the hot afternoon
over the monotonous country between Holdridge and Cheyenne.
Besides the blond man and himself the only occupants of the car
were two dusty, bedraggled-looking girls who had been to the
Exposition at Chicago, and who were earnestly discussing the cost
of their first trip out of Colorado. The four uncomfortable
passengers were covered with a sediment of fine, yellow dust
which clung to their hair and eyebrows like gold powder. It blew
up in clouds from the bleak, lifeless country through which they
passed, until they were one color with the sagebrush and
sandhills. The gray-and-yellow desert was varied only by
occasional ruins of deserted towns, and the little red boxes of
station houses, where the spindling trees and sickly vines in the
bluegrass yards made little green reserves fenced off in that
confusing wilderness of sand.

As the slanting rays of the sun beat in stronger and
stronger through the car windows, the blond gentleman asked the
ladies' permission to remove his coat, and sat in his lavender
striped shirt sleeves, with a black silk handkerchief tucked
carefully about his collar. He had seemed interested in Everett
since they had boarded the train at Holdridge, and kept
glancing at him curiously and then looking reflectively out of
the window, as though he were trying to recall something. But
wherever Everett went someone was almost sure to look at him with
that curious interest, and it had ceased to embarrass or annoy him.
Presently the stranger, seeming satisfied with his observation,
leaned back in his seat, half-closed his eyes, and began softly
to whistle the "Spring Song" from Proserpine, the cantata
that a dozen years before had made its young composer famous in a
night. Everett had heard that air on guitars in Old Mexico, on
mandolins at college glees, on cottage organs in New England
hamlets, and only two weeks ago he had heard it played on
sleighbells at a variety theater in Denver. There was literally no
way of escaping his brother's precocity. Adriance could live on
the other side of the Atlantic, where his youthful indiscretions
were forgotten in his mature achievements, but his brother had
never been able to outrun Proserpine, and here he found it
again in the Colorado sand hills. Not that Everett was exactly
ashamed of Proserpine; only a man of genius could have
written it, but it was the sort of thing that a man of genius
outgrows as soon as he can.

Everett unbent a trifle and smiled at his neighbor across
the aisle. Immediately the large man rose and, coming over,
dropped into the seat facing Hilgarde, extending his card.

"Dusty ride, isn't it? I don't mind it myself; I'm used to
it. Born and bred in de briar patch, like Br'er Rabbit. I've
been trying to place you for a long time; I think I must have met
you before."

"Thank you," said Everett, taking the card; "my name is
Hilgarde. You've probably met my brother, Adriance; people often
mistake me for him."

The traveling man brought his hand down upon his knee with
such vehemence that the solitaire blazed.

"So I was right after all, and if you're not Adriance
Hilgarde, you're his double. I thought I couldn't be mistaken.
Seen him? Well, I guess! I never missed one of his recitals at
the Auditorium, and he played the piano score of Proserpine
through to us once at the Chicago Press Club. I used to be on
the Commercial there before I 146 began to travel
for the publishing department of the concern. So you're Hilgarde's
brother, and here I've run into you at the jumping-off place.
Sounds like a newspaper yarn, doesn't it?"

The traveling man laughed and offered Everett a cigar, and
plied him with questions on the only subject that people ever
seemed to care to talk to Everett about. At length the salesman
and the two girls alighted at a Colorado way station, and Everett
went on to Cheyenne alone.

The train pulled into Cheyenne at nine o'clock, late by a
matter of four hours or so; but no one seemed particularly
concerned at its tardiness except the station agent, who grumbled
at being kept in the office overtime on a summer night. When
Everett alighted from the train he walked down the platform and
stopped at the track crossing, uncertain as to what direction he
should take to reach a hotel. A phaeton stood near the crossing,
and a woman held the reins. She was dressed in white, and her
figure was clearly silhouetted against the cushions, though it
was too dark to see her face. Everett had scarcely noticed her,
when the switch engine came puffing up from the opposite
direction, and the headlight threw a strong glare of light on his
face. Suddenly the woman in the phaeton uttered a low cry and
dropped the reins. Everett started forward and caught the
horse's head, but the animal only lifted its ears and whisked its
tail in impatient surprise. The woman sat perfectly still, her
head sunk between her shoulders and her handkerchief pressed to
her face. Another woman came out of the depot and hurried toward
the phaeton, crying, "Katharine, dear, what is the matter?"

Everett hesitated a moment in painful embarrassment, then
lifted his hat and passed on. He was accustomed to sudden
recognitions in the most impossible places, especially by women,
but this cry out of the night had shaken him.

While Everett was breakfasting the next morning, the headwaiter
leaned over his chair to murmur that there was a gentleman waiting
to see him in the parlor. Everett finished his coffee and went in
the direction indicated, where he found his visitor restlessly
pacing the floor. His whole manner betrayed a high degree of
agitation, though his physique was not that of a man whose nerves
lie near the surface. He was something below medium height,
square-shouldered and solidly built. His thick, closely cut hair
was beginning to show gray about the ears, and his bronzed face was
heavily lined. His square brown hands were locked behind him, and
he held his shoulders like a man conscious of responsibilities;
yet, as he turned to greet Everett, there was an incongruous
diffidence in his address.

"Good morning, Mr. Hilgarde," he said, extending his hand;
"I found your name on the hotel register. My name is Gaylord.
I'm afraid my sister startled you at the station last night, Mr.
Hilgarde, and I've come around to apologize."

"Ah! The young lady in the phaeton? I'm sure I didn't know
whether I had anything to do with her alarm or not. If I did, it
is I who owe the apology."

The man colored a little under the dark brown of his face.

"Oh, it's nothing you could help, sir, I fully understand
that. You see, my sister used to be a pupil of your brother's,
and it seems you favor him; and when the switch engine threw a
light on your face it startled her."

Everett wheeled about in his chair. "Oh! Katharine Gaylord!
Is it possible! Now it's you who have given me a turn. Why, I
used to know her when I was a boy. What on earth--"

"Is she doing here?" said Gaylord, grimly filling out the
pause. "You've got at the heart of the matter. You knew my
sister had been in bad health for a long time?"

"No, I had never heard a word of that. The last I knew of
her she was singing in London. My brother and I correspond
infrequently and seldom get beyond family matters. I am deeply
sorry to hear this. There are more reasons why I am concerned
than I can tell you."

The lines in Charley Gaylord's brow relaxed a little.

"What I'm trying to say, Mr. Hilgarde, is that she wants to see
you. I hate to ask you, but she's so set on it. We live several
miles out of town, but my rig's below, and I can take you out
anytime you can go."

"I can go now, and it will give me real pleasure to do so," said
Everett, quickly. "I'll get my hat and be with you in a moment."

When he came downstairs Everett found a cart at the door,
and Charley Gaylord drew a long sigh of relief as he gathered up
the reins and settled back into his own element.

"You see, I think I'd better tell you something about my
sister before you see her, and I don't know just where to begin.
She traveled in Europe with your brother and his wife, and sang
at a lot of his concerts; but I don't know just how much you know
about her."

"Very little, except that my brother always thought her the
most gifted of his pupils, and that when I knew her she was very
young and very beautiful and turned my head sadly for a while."

Everett saw that Gaylord's mind was quite engrossed by his
grief. He was wrought up to the point where his reserve and
sense of proportion had quite left him, and his trouble was the
one vital thing in the world. "That's the whole thing," he went
on, flicking his horses with the whip.

"She was a great woman, as you say, and she didn't come of a
great family. She had to fight her own way from the first. She
got to Chicago, and then to New York, and then to Europe, where
she went up like lightning, and got a taste for it all; and now
she's dying here like a rat in a hole, out of her own world, and
she can't fall back into ours. We've grown apart, some way--
miles and miles apart--and I'm afraid she's fearfully unhappy."

"It's a very tragic story that you are telling me, Gaylord,"
said Everett. They were well out into the country now, spinning
along over the dusty plains of red grass, with the ragged-blue
outline of the mountains before them.

"Tragic!" cried Gaylord, starting up in his seat, "my God, man,
nobody will ever know how tragic. It's a tragedy I live with and
eat with and sleep with, until I've lost my grip on everything.
You see she had made a good bit of money, but she spent it all
going to health resorts. It's her lungs, you know. I've got money
enough to send her anywhere, but the doctors all say it's no use.
She hasn't the ghost of a chance. It's just getting through the
days now. I had no notion she was half so bad before she came to
me. She just wrote that she was all run down. Now that she's
here, I think she'd be happier anywhere under the sun, but she
won't leave. She says it's easier to let go of life here, and that
to go East would be dying twice. There was a time when I was a
brakeman with a run out of Bird City, Iowa, and she was a little
thing I could carry on my shoulder, when I could get her everything
on earth she wanted, and she hadn't a wish my $80 a month didn't
cover; and now, when I've got a little property together, I can't
buy her a night's sleep!"

Everett saw that, whatever Charley Gaylord's present status
in the world might be, he had brought the brakeman's heart up the
ladder with him, and the brakeman's frank avowal of sentiment.
Presently Gaylord went on:

"You can understand how she has outgrown her family. We're
all a pretty common sort, railroaders from away back. My father
was a conductor. He died when we were kids. Maggie, my other
sister, who lives with me, was a telegraph operator here while I
was getting my grip on things. We had no education to speak of.
I have to hire a stenographer because I can't spell straight--the
Almighty couldn't teach me to spell. The things that make up
life to Kate are all Greek to me, and there's scarcely a point
where we touch any more, except in our recollections of the old
times when we were all young and happy together, and Kate sang in
a church choir in Bird City. But I believe, Mr. Hilgarde, that
if she can see just one person like you, who knows about the
things and people she's interested in, it will give her about the
only comfort she can have now."

The reins slackened in Charley Gaylord's hand as they drew
up before a showily painted house with many gables and a round
tower. "Here we are," he said, turning to Everett, "and I guess
we understand each other."

They were met at the door by a thin, colorless woman, whom
Gaylord introduced as "my sister, Maggie." She asked her brother
to show Mr. Hilgarde into the music room, where Katharine wished
to see him alone.

When Everett entered the music room he gave a little start
of surprise, feeling that he had stepped from the glaring Wyoming
sunlight into some New York studio that he had always known. He
wondered which it was of those countless studios, high up under
the roofs, over banks and shops and wholesale houses, that this
room resembled, and he looked incredulously out of the window at
the gray plain that ended in the great upheaval of the Rockies.

The haunting air of familiarity about the room perplexed
him. Was it a copy of some particular studio he knew, or was it
merely the studio atmosphere that seemed so individual and
poignantly reminiscent here in Wyoming? He sat down in a reading
chair and looked keenly about him. Suddenly his eye fell upon a
large photograph of his brother above the piano. Then it all
became clear to him: this was veritably his brother's room. If
it were not an exact copy of one of the many studios that
Adriance had fitted up in various parts of the world, wearying of
them and leaving almost before the renovator's varnish had dried,
it was at least in the same tone. In every detail Adriance's
taste was so manifest that the room seemed to exhale his

Among the photographs on the wall there was one of Katharine
Gaylord, taken in the days when Everett had known her, and when
the flash of her eye or the flutter of her skirt was enough to
set his boyish heart in a tumult. Even now, he stood before the
portrait with a certain degree of embarrassment. It was the face
of a woman already old in her first youth, thoroughly
sophisticated and a trifle hard, and it told of what her brother
had called her fight. The camaraderie of her frank, confident
eyes was qualified by the deep lines about her mouth and the
curve of the lips, which was both sad and cynical. Certainly she
had more good will than confidence toward the world, and the
bravado of her smile could not conceal the shadow of an unrest
that was almost discontent. The chief charm of the woman, as
Everett had known her, lay in her superb figure and in her eyes,
which possessed a warm, lifegiving quality like the sunlight;
eyes which glowed with a sort of perpetual salutat to the
world. Her head, Everett remembered as peculiarly well-shaped and
proudly poised. There had been always a little of the imperatrix
about her, and her pose in the photograph revived all his old
impressions of her unattachedness, of how absolutely and valiantly
she stood alone.

Everett was still standing before the picture, his hands behind him
and his head inclined, when he heard the door open. A very tall
woman advanced toward him, holding out her hand. As she started to
speak, she coughed slightly; then, laughing, said, in a low, rich
voice, a trifle husky: "You see I make the traditional Camille
entrance--with the cough. How good of you to come, Mr. Hilgarde."

Everett was acutely conscious that while addressing him she
was not looking at him at all, and, as he assured her of his
pleasure in coming, he was glad to have an opportunity to collect
himself. He had not reckoned upon the ravages of a long illness.
The long, loose folds of her white gown had been especially
designed to conceal the sharp outlines of her emaciated body, but
the stamp of her disease was there; simple and ugly and obtrusive,
a pitiless fact that could not be disguised or evaded. The
splendid shoulders were stooped, there was a swaying unevenness in
her gait, her arms seemed disproportionately long, and her hands
were transparently white and cold to the touch. The changes in her
face were less obvious; the proud carriage of the head, the warm,
clear eyes, even the delicate flush of color in her cheeks, all
defiantly remained, though they were all in a lower key--older,
sadder, softer.

She sat down upon the divan and began nervously to arrange the
pillows. "I know I'm not an inspiring object to look upon, but you
must be quite frank and sensible about that and get used to it at
once, for we've no time to lose. And if I'm a trifle irritable you
won't mind?--for I'm more than usually nervous."

"Don't bother with me this morning, if you are tired," urged
Everett. "I can come quite as well tomorrow."

"Gracious, no!" she protested, with a flash of that quick,
keen humor that he remembered as a part of her. "It's solitude
that I'm tired to death of--solitude and the wrong kind of people.
You see, the minister, not content with reading the prayers for the
sick, called on me this morning. He happened to be riding
by on his bicycle and felt it his duty to stop. Of course, he
disapproves of my profession, and I think he takes it for granted
that I have a dark past. The funniest feature of his conversation
is that he is always excusing my own vocation to me--condoning it,
you know--and trying to patch up my peace with my conscience by
suggesting possible noble uses for what he kindly calls my talent."

Everett laughed. "Oh! I'm afraid I'm not the person to call
after such a serious gentleman--I can't sustain the situation.
At my best I don't reach higher than low comedy. Have you
decided to which one of the noble uses you will devote yourself?"

Katharine lifted her hands in a gesture of renunciation and
exclaimed: "I'm not equal to any of them, not even the least
noble. I didn't study that method."

She laughed and went on nervously: "The parson's not so bad.
His English never offends me, and he has read Gibbon's Decline
and Fall, all five volumes, and that's something. Then, he has
been to New York, and that's a great deal. But how we are losing
time! Do tell me about New York; Charley says you're just on from
there. How does it look and taste and smell just now? I think a
whiff of the Jersey ferry would be as flagons of cod-liver oil to
me. Who conspicuously walks the Rialto now, and what does he or
she wear? Are the trees still green in Madison Square, or have
they grown brown and dusty? Does the chaste Diana on the Garden
Theatre still keep her vestal vows through all the exasperating
changes of weather? Who has your brother's old studio now, and
what misguided aspirants practice their scales in the rookeries
about Carnegie Hall? What do people go to see at the theaters,
and what do they eat and drink there in the world nowadays? You
see, I'm homesick for it all, from the Battery to Riverside. Oh,
let me die in Harlem!" She was interrupted by a violent attack
of coughing, and Everett, embarrassed by her discomfort, plunged
into gossip about the professional people he had met in town
during the summer and the musical outlook for the winter. He was
diagraming with his pencil, on the back of an old envelope he
found in his pocket, some new mechanical device to be
used at the Metropolitan in the production of the Rheingold,
when he became conscious that she was looking at him intently, and
that he was talking to the four walls.

Katharine was lying back among the pillows, watching him
through half-closed eyes, as a painter looks at a picture. He
finished his explanation vaguely enough and put the envelope back
in his pocket. As he did so she said, quietly: "How wonderfully
like Adriance you are!" and he felt as though a crisis of some
sort had been met and tided over.

He laughed, looking up at her with a touch of pride in his
eyes that made them seem quite boyish. "Yes, isn't it absurd?
It's almost as awkward as looking like Napoleon--but, after all,
there are some advantages. It has made some of his friends like
me, and I hope it will make you."

Katharine smiled and gave him a quick, meaning glance from
under her lashes. "Oh, it did that long ago. What a haughty,
reserved youth you were then, and how you used to stare at people
and then blush and look cross if they paid you back in your own
coin. Do you remember that night when you took me home from a
rehearsal and scarcely spoke a word to me?"

"It was the silence of admiration," protested Everett, "very
crude and boyish, but very sincere and not a little painful.
Perhaps you suspected something of the sort? I remember you saw
fit to be very grown-up and worldly.

"I believe I suspected a pose; the one that college boys
usually affect with singers--'an earthen vessel in love with a
star,' you know. But it rather surprised me in you, for you must
have seen a good deal of your brother's pupils. Or had you an
omnivorous capacity, and elasticity that always met the

"Don't ask a man to confess the follies of his youth," said
Everett, smiling a little sadly; "I am sensitive about some of
them even now. But I was not so sophisticated as you imagined.
I saw my brother's pupils come and go, but that was about all.
Sometimes I was called on to play accompaniments, or to fill out
a vacancy at a rehearsal, or to order a carriage for an
infuriated soprano who had thrown up her part. But they never
spent any time on me, unless it was to notice the resemblance you
speak of."

"Yes", observed Katharine, thoughtfully, "I noticed it then,
too; but it has grown as you have grown older. That is rather
strange, when you have lived such different lives. It's not
merely an ordinary family likeness of feature, you know, but a
sort of interchangeable individuality; the suggestion of the
other man's personality in your face like an air transposed to
another key. But I'm not attempting to define it; it's beyond
me; something altogether unusual and a trifle--well, uncanny,"
she finished, laughing.

"I remember," Everett said seriously, twirling the pencil
between his fingers and looking, as he sat with his head thrown
back, out under the red window blind which was raised just a
little, and as it swung back and forth in the wind revealed the
glaring panorama of the desert--a blinding stretch of yellow,
flat as the sea in dead calm, splotched here and there with deep
purple shadows; and, beyond, the ragged-blue outline of the
mountains and the peaks of snow, white as the white clouds--"I
remember, when I was a little fellow I used to be very sensitive
about it. I don't think it exactly displeased me, or that I would
have had it otherwise if I could, but it seemed to me like a
birthmark, or something not to be lightly spoken of. People were
naturally always fonder of Ad than of me, and I used to feel the
chill of reflected light pretty often. It came into even my
relations with my mother. Ad went abroad to study when he was
absurdly young, you know, and mother was all broken up over it.
She did her whole duty by each of us, but it was sort of
generally understood among us that she'd have made burnt
offerings of us all for Ad any day. I was a little fellow then,
and when she sat alone on the porch in the summer dusk she used
sometimes to call me to her and turn my face up in the light that
streamed out through the shutters and kiss me, and then I always
knew she was thinking of Adriance."

"Poor little chap," said Katharine, and her tone was a
trifle huskier than usual. "How fond people have always been of
Adriance! Now tell me the latest news of him. I haven't heard,
except through the press, for a year or more. He was in Algeria
then, in the valley of the Chelif, riding horseback night and day
in an Arabian costume, and in his usual enthusiastic fashion he
had quite made up his mind to adopt the Mohammedan faith
and become as nearly an Arab as possible. How many countries and
faiths has be adopted, I wonder? Probably he was playing Arab to
himself all the time. I remember he was a sixteenth-century duke
in Florence once for weeks together."

"Oh, that's Adriance," chuckled Everett. "He is himself
barely long enough to write checks and be measured for his
clothes. I didn't hear from him while he was an Arab; I missed

"He was writing an Algerian suite for the piano then; it
must be in the publisher's hands by this time. I have been too
ill to answer his letter, and have lost touch with him."

Everett drew a letter from his pocket. "This came about a
month ago. It's chiefly about his new opera, which is to be
brought out in London next winter. Read it at your leisure."

"I think I shall keep it as a hostage, so that I may be sure
you will come again. Now I want you to play for me. Whatever
you like; but if there is anything new in the world, in mercy let
me hear it. For nine months I have heard nothing but 'The
Baggage Coach Ahead' and 'She Is My Baby's Mother.'"

He sat down at the piano, and Katharine sat near him,
absorbed in his remarkable physical likeness to his brother and
trying to discover in just what it consisted. She told herself
that it was very much as though a sculptor's finished work had
been rudely copied in wood. He was of a larger build than
Adriance, and his shoulders were broad and heavy, while those of
his brother were slender and rather girlish. His face was of the
same oval mold, but it was gray and darkened about the mouth by
continual shaving. His eyes were of the same inconstant April
color, but they were reflective and rather dull; while Adriance's
were always points of highlight, and always meaning another thing
than the thing they meant yesterday. But it was hard to see why
this earnest man should so continually suggest that lyric,
youthful face that was as gay as his was grave. For Adriance,
though he was ten years the elder, and though his hair was
streaked with silver, had the face of a boy of twenty, so mobile
that it told his thoughts before he could put them into words.
A contralto, famous for the extravagance of her vocal
methods and of her affections, had once said to him that the
shepherd boys who sang in the Vale of Tempe must certainly have
looked like young Hilgarde; and the comparison had been
appropriated by a hundred shyer women who preferred to quote.

As Everett sat smoking on the veranda of the InterOcean
House that night, he was a victim to random recollections. His
infatuation for Katharine Gaylord, visionary as it was, had been
the most serious of his boyish love affairs, and had long
disturbed his bachelor dreams. He was painfully timid in
everything relating to the emotions, and his hurt had withdrawn
him from the society of women. The fact that it was all so done
and dead and far behind him, and that the woman had lived her
life out since then, gave him an oppressive sense of age and
loss. He bethought himself of something he had read about
"sitting by the hearth and remembering the faces of women without
desire," and felt himself an octogenarian.

He remembered how bitter and morose he had grown during his
stay at his brother's studio when Katharine Gaylord was working
there, and how he had wounded Adriance on the night of his last
concert in New York. He had sat there in the box while his
brother and Katharine were called back again and again after the
last number, watching the roses go up over the footlights until
they were stacked half as high as the piano, brooding, in his
sullen boy's heart, upon the pride those two felt in each other's
work--spurring each other to their best and beautifully
contending in song. The footlights had seemed a hard, glittering
line drawn sharply between their life and his; a circle of flame
set about those splendid children of genius. He walked back to
his hotel alone and sat in his window staring out on Madison
Square until long after midnight, resolving to beat no more at
doors that he could never enter and realizing more keenly than
ever before how far this glorious world of beautiful creations
lay from the paths of men like himself. He told himself that he
had in common with this woman only the baser uses of life.

Everett's week in Cheyenne stretched to three, and he saw no
prospect of release except through the thing he dreaded. The
bright, windy days of the Wyoming autumn passed swiftly. Letters
and telegrams came urging him to hasten his trip to the coast,
but he resolutely postponed his business engagements. The
mornings he spent on one of Charley Gaylord's ponies, or fishing
in the mountains, and in the evenings he sat in his room writing
letters or reading. In the afternoon he was usually at his post
of duty. Destiny, he reflected, seems to have very positive
notions about the sort of parts we are fitted to play. The scene
changes and the compensation varies, but in the end we usually
find that we have played the same class of business from first to
last. Everett had been a stopgap all his life. He remembered
going through a looking glass labyrinth when he was a boy and
trying gallery after gallery, only at every turn to bump his nose
against his own face--which, indeed, was not his own, but his
brother's. No matter what his mission, east or west, by land or
sea, he was sure to find himself employed in his brother's
business, one of the tributary lives which helped to swell the
shining current of Adriance Hilgarde's. It was not the first
time that his duty had been to comfort, as best he could, one of
the broken things his brother's imperious speed had cast aside
and forgotten. He made no attempt to analyze the situation or to
state it in exact terms; but he felt Katharine Gaylord's need for
him, and he accepted it as a commission from his brother to help
this woman to die. Day by day he felt her demands on him grow
more imperious, her need for him grow more acute and positive;
and day by day he felt that in his peculiar relation to her his
own individuality played a smaller and smaller part. His power
to minister to her comfort, he saw, lay solely in his link with
his brother's life. He understood all that his physical
resemblance meant to her. He knew that she sat by him always
watching for some common trick of gesture, some familiar play of
expression, some illusion of light and shadow, in which he should
seem wholly Adriance. He knew that she lived upon this and that
her disease fed upon it; that it sent shudders of remembrance
through her and that in the exhaustion which followed this
turmoil of her dying senses, she slept deep and sweet and
dreamed of youth and art and days in a certain old Florentine
garden, and not of bitterness and death.

The question which most perplexed him was, "How much shall I
know? How much does she wish me to know?" A few days after his
first meeting with Katharine Gaylord, he had cabled his brother
to write her. He had merely said that she was mortally ill; he
could depend on Adriance to say the right thing--that was a part
of his gift. Adriance always said not only the right thing, but
the opportune, graceful, exquisite thing. His phrases took the
color of the moment and the then-present condition, so that they
never savored of perfunctory compliment or frequent usage. He
always caught the lyric essence of the moment, the poetic
suggestion of every situation. Moreover, he usually did the
right thing, the opportune, graceful, exquisite thing--except,
when he did very cruel things--bent upon making people happy
when their existence touched his, just as he insisted that his
material environment should be beautiful; lavishing upon those
near him all the warmth and radiance of his rich nature, all the
homage of the poet and troubadour, and, when they were no longer
near, forgetting--for that also was a part of Adriance's gift.

Three weeks after Everett had sent his cable, when he made
his daily call at the gaily painted ranch house, he found
Katharine laughing like a schoolgirl. "Have you ever thought,"
she said, as he entered the music room, "how much these seances
of ours are like Heine's 'Florentine Nights,' except that I don't
give you an opportunity to monopolize the conversation as Heine
did?" She held his hand longer than usual, as she greeted him,
and looked searchingly up into his face. "You are the kindest
man living; the kindest," she added, softly.

Everett's gray face colored faintly as he drew his hand
away, for he felt that this time she was looking at him and not
at a whimsical caricature of his brother. "Why, what have I done
now?" he asked, lamely. "I can't remember having sent you any
stale candy or champagne since yesterday."

She drew a letter with a foreign postmark from between
the leaves of a book and held it out, smiling. "You got him to
write it. Don't say you didn't, for it came direct, you see, and
the last address I gave him was a place in Florida. This deed
shall be remembered of you when I am with the just in Paradise.
But one thing you did not ask him to do, for you didn't know about
it. He has sent me his latest work, the new sonata, the most
ambitious thing he has ever done, and you are to play it for me
directly, though it looks horribly intricate. But first for the
letter; I think you would better read it aloud to me."

Everett sat down in a low chair facing the window seat in
which she reclined with a barricade of pillows behind her. He
opened the letter, his lashes half-veiling his kind eyes, and saw
to his satisfaction that it was a long one--wonderfully tactful
and tender, even for Adriance, who was tender with his valet and
his stable boy, with his old gondolier and the beggar-women who
prayed to the saints for him.

The letter was from Granada, written in the Alhambra, as he
sat by the fountain of the Patio di Lindaraxa. The air was
heavy, with the warm fragrance of the South and full of the sound
of splashing, running water, as it had been in a certain old
garden in Florence, long ago. The sky was one great turquoise,
heated until it glowed. The wonderful Moorish arches threw
graceful blue shadows all about him. He had sketched an outline
of them on the margin of his notepaper. The subtleties of Arabic
decoration had cast an unholy spell over him, and the brutal
exaggerations of Gothic art were a bad dream, easily forgotten.
The Alhambra itself had, from the first, seemed perfectly
familiar to him, and he knew that he must have trod that court,
sleek and brown and obsequious, centuries before Ferdinand rode
into Andalusia. The letter was full of confidences about his
work, and delicate allusions to their old happy days of study and
comradeship, and of her own work, still so warmly remembered and
appreciatively discussed everywhere he went.

As Everett folded the letter he felt that Adriance had
divined the thing needed and had risen to it in his own wonderful
way. The letter was consistently egotistical and seemed to him
even a trifle patronizing, yet it was just what she had
wanted. A strong realization of his brother's charm and intensity
and power came over him; he felt the breath of that whirlwind of
flame in which Adriance passed, consuming all in his path, and
himself even more resolutely than he consumed others. Then he
looked down at this white, burnt-out brand that lay before him.
"Like him, isn't it?" she said, quietly.

"I think I can scarcely answer his letter, but when you see
him next you can do that for me. I want you to tell him many
things for me, yet they can all be summed up in this: I want him
to grow wholly into his best and greatest self, even at the cost
of the dear boyishness that is half his charm to you and me. Do
you understand me?"

"I know perfectly well what you mean," answered Everett,
thoughtfully. "I have often felt so about him myself. And yet
it's difficult to prescribe for those fellows; so little makes,
so little mars."

Katharine raised herself upon her elbow, and her face
flushed with feverish earnestness. "Ah, but it is the waste of
himself that I mean; his lashing himself out on stupid and
uncomprehending people until they take him at their own estimate.
He can kindle marble, strike fire from putty, but is it worth
what it costs him?"

"Come, come," expostulated Everett, alarmed at her excitement.
"Where is the new sonata? Let him speak for himself."

He sat down at the piano and began playing the first
movement, which was indeed the voice of Adriance, his proper
speech. The sonata was the most ambitious work he had done up to
that time and marked the transition from his purely lyric vein to
a deeper and nobler style. Everett played intelligently and with
that sympathetic comprehension which seems peculiar to a certain
lovable class of men who never accomplish anything in particular.
When he had finished he turned to Katharine.

"How he has grown!" she cried. "What the three last years have
done for him! He used to write only the tragedies of passion; but
this is the tragedy of the soul, the shadow coexistent with the
soul. This is the tragedy of effort and failure, the thing Keats
called hell. This is my tragedy, as I lie here spent by the
racecourse, listening to the feet of the runners as they pass me.
Ah, God! The swift feet of the runners!"

She turned her face away and covered it with her straining
hands. Everett crossed over to her quickly and knelt beside her.
In all the days he had known her she had never before, beyond an
occasional ironical jest, given voice to the bitterness of her
own defeat. Her courage had become a point of pride with him,
and to see it going sickened him.

"Don't do it," he gasped. "I can't stand it, I really
can't, I feel it too much. We mustn't speak of that; it's too
tragic and too vast."

When she turned her face back to him there was a ghost of the old,
brave, cynical smile on it, more bitter than the tears she could
not shed. "No, I won't be so ungenerous; I will save that for the
watches of the night when I have no better company. Now you may
mix me another drink of some sort. Formerly, when it was not
if I should ever sing Brunnhilde, but quite simply when I
should sing Brunnhilde, I was always starving myself and
thinking what I might drink and what I might not. But broken music
boxes may drink whatsoever they list, and no one cares whether they
lose their figure. Run over that theme at the beginning again.
That, at least, is not new. It was running in his head when we
were in Venice years ago, and he used to drum it on his glass at
the dinner table. He had just begun to work it out when the late
autumn came on, and the paleness of the Adriatic oppressed him,
and he decided to go to Florence for the winter, and lost touch
with the theme during his illness. Do you remember those
frightful days? All the people who have loved him are not strong
enough to save him from himself! When I got word from Florence
that he had been ill I was in Nice filling a concert engagement.
His wife was hurrying to him from Paris, but I reached him first.
I arrived at dusk, in a terrific storm. They had taken an old
palace there for the winter, and I found him in the library--a
long, dark room full of old Latin books and heavy furniture and
bronzes. He was sitting by a wood fire at one end of the room,
looking, oh, so worn and pale!--as he always does when he is ill,
you know. Ah, it is so good that you do know! Even
his red smoking jacket lent no color to his face. His first words
were not to tell me how ill he had been, but that that morning he
had been well enough to put the last strokes to the score of his
Souvenirs d'Automne. He was as I most like to remember him:
so calm and happy and tired; not gay, as he usually is, but just
contented and tired with that heavenly tiredness that comes after
a good work done at last. Outside, the rain poured down in
torrents, and the wind moaned for the pain of all the world and
sobbed in the branches of the shivering olives and about the walls
of that desolated old palace. How that night comes back to me!
There were no lights in the room, only the wood fire which glowed
upon the hard features of the bronze Dante, like the reflection of
purgatorial flames, and threw long black shadows about us; beyond
us it scarcely penetrated the gloom at all, Adriance sat staring at
the fire with the weariness of all his life in his eves, and of all
the other lives that must aspire and suffer to make up one such
life as his. Somehow the wind with all its world-pain had got into
the room, and the cold rain was in our eyes, and the wave came up
in both of us at once--that awful, vague, universal pain, that
cold fear of life and death and God and hope--and we were like
two clinging together on a spar in midocean after the shipwreck
of everything. Then we heard the front door open with a great
gust of wind that shook even the walls, and the servants came
running with lights, announcing that Madam had returned, 'and in
the book we read no more that night.'"

She gave the old line with a certain bitter humor, and with
the hard, bright smile in which of old she had wrapped her
weakness as in a glittering garment. That ironical smile, worn
like a mask through so many years, had gradually changed even the
lines of her face completely, and when she looked in the mirror
she saw not herself, but the scathing critic, the amused observer
and satirist of herself. Everett dropped his head upon his hand
and sat looking at the rug. "How much you have cared!" he said.

"Ah, yes, I cared," she replied, closing her eyes with a
long-drawn sigh of relief; and lying perfectly still, she went
on: "You can't imagine what a comfort it is to have you know how I
cared, what a relief it is to be able to tell it to someone. I
used to want to shriek it out to the world in the long nights when
I could not sleep. It seemed to me that I could not die with it.
It demanded some sort of expression. And now that you know, you
would scarcely believe how much less sharp the anguish of it is."

Everett continued to look helplessly at the floor. "I was
not sure how much you wanted me to know," he said.

"Oh, I intended you should know from the first time I looked
into your face, when you came that day with Charley. I flatter
myself that I have been able to conceal it when I chose, though I
suppose women always think that. The more observing ones may
have seen, but discerning people are usually discreet and often
kind, for we usually bleed a little before we begin to discern.
But I wanted you to know; you are so like him that it is almost
like telling him himself. At least, I feel now that he will know
some day, and then I will be quite sacred from his compassion,
for we none of us dare pity the dead. Since it was what my life
has chiefly meant, I should like him to know. On the whole I am
not ashamed of it. I have fought a good fight."

"And has he never known at all?" asked Everett, in a thick voice.

"Oh! Never at all in the way that you mean. Of course, he
is accustomed to looking into the eyes of women and finding love
there; when he doesn't find it there he thinks he must have been
guilty of some discourtesy and is miserable about it. He has a
genuine fondness for everyone who is not stupid or gloomy, or old
or preternaturally ugly. Granted youth and cheerfulness, and a
moderate amount of wit and some tact, and Adriance will always be
glad to see you coming around the corner. I shared with the
rest; shared the smiles and the gallantries and the droll little
sermons. It was quite like a Sunday-school picnic; we wore our
best clothes and a smile and took our turns. It was his kindness
that was hardest. I have pretty well used my life up at standing

"Don't; you'll make me hate him," groaned Everett.

Katharine laughed and began to play nervously with her fan.
"It wasn't in the slightest degree his fault; that is the most
grotesque part of it. Why, it had really begun before I
ever met him. I fought my way to him, and I drank my doom
greedily enough."

Everett rose and stood hesitating. "I think I must go. You ought
to be quiet, and I don't think I can hear any more just now."

She put out her hand and took his playfully. "You've put in
three weeks at this sort of thing, haven't you? Well, it may
never be to your glory in this world, perhaps, but it's been the
mercy of heaven to me, and it ought to square accounts for a much
worse life than yours will ever be."

Everett knelt beside her, saying, brokenly: "I stayed because I
wanted to be with you, that's all. I have never cared about other
women since I met you in New York when I was a lad. You are a part
of my destiny, and I could not leave you if I would."

She put her hands on his shoulders and shook her head. "No,
no; don't tell me that. I have seen enough of tragedy, God
knows. Don't show me any more just as the curtain is going down.
No, no, it was only a boy's fancy, and your divine pity and my
utter pitiableness have recalled it for a moment. One does not
love the dying, dear friend. If some fancy of that sort had been
left over from boyhood, this would rid you of it, and that were
well. Now go, and you will come again tomorrow, as long as there
are tomorrows, will you not?" She took his hand with a smile that
lifted the mask from her soul, that was both courage and despair,
and full of infinite loyalty and tenderness, as she said softly:

For ever and for ever, farewell, Cassius;
If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;
If not, why then, this parting was well made.

The courage in her eyes was like the clear light of a star to him
as he went out.

On the night of Adriance Hilgarde's opening concert in Paris
Everett sat by the bed in the ranch house in Wyoming, watching
over the last battle that we have with the flesh before we are
done with it and free of it forever. At times it seemed that the
serene soul of her must have left already and found some refuge
from the storm, and only the tenacious animal life were left to do
battle with death. She labored under a delusion at once pitiful
and merciful, thinking that she was in the Pullman on her way to
New York, going back to her life and her work. When she aroused
from her stupor it was only to ask the porter to waken her half an
hour out of Jersey City, or to remonstrate with him about the
delays and the roughness of the road. At midnight Everett and the
nurse were left alone with her. Poor Charley Gaylord had lain down
on a couch outside the door. Everett sat looking at the sputtering
night lamp until it made his eyes ache. His head dropped forward
on the foot of the bed, and he sank into a heavy, distressful
slumber. He was dreaming of Adriance's concert in Paris, and of
Adriance, the troubadour, smiling and debonair, with his boyish
face and the touch of silver gray in his hair. He heard the
applause and he saw the roses going up over the footlights until
they were stacked half as high as the piano, and the petals fell
and scattered, making crimson splotches on the floor. Down this
crimson pathway came Adriance with his youthful step, leading his
prima donna by the hand; a dark woman this time, with Spanish eyes.

The nurse touched him on the shoulder; he started and awoke.
She screened the lamp with her hand. Everett saw that Katharine
was awake and conscious, and struggling a little. He lifted her
gently on his arm and began to fan her. She laid her hands
lightly on his hair and looked into his face with eyes that
seemed never to have wept or doubted. "Ah, dear Adriance, dear,
dear," she whispered.

Everett went to call her brother, but when they came back
the madness of art was over for Katharine.

Two days later Everett was pacing the station siding,
waiting for the westbound train. Charley Gaylord walked beside
him, but the two men had nothing to say to each other. Everett's
bags were piled on the truck, and his step was hurried and his
eyes were full of impatience, as he gazed again and again up the
track, watching for the train. Gaylord's impatience was not less
than his own; these two, who had grown so close, had now become
painful and impossible to each other, and longed for the
wrench of farewell.

As the train pulled in Everett wrung Gaylord's hand among
the crowd of alighting passengers. The people of a German opera
company, en route to the coast, rushed by them in frantic haste
to snatch their breakfast during the stop. Everett heard an
exclamation in a broad German dialect, and a massive woman whose
figure persistently escaped from her stays in the most improbable
places rushed up to him, her blond hair disordered by the wind,
and glowing with joyful surprise she caught his coat sleeve with
her tightly gloved hands.

"Herr Gott, Adriance, lieber Freund," she cried,

Everett quickly withdrew his arm and lifted his hat,
blushing. "Pardon me, madam, but I see that you have mistaken
me for Adriance Hilgarde. I am his brother," he said quietly,
and turning from the crestfallen singer, he hurried into the car.

Willa Cather's short story: "A Death in the Desert"


Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries Shayaries

fir wahi fasaana afsaana sunaati ho,
dil ke paas hoon keh kar dil jalati ho,
beqaraar hai aatish-e-nazar nazar se milne ko,
to Fir kyon nahi pyaar jataati ho

jabhi dekhti hai mujhe nazre jhuka late wo
khuda ka shukra hai hameiN pehchan to leti woh!
dil ki basti bikhar gayi hoti,
ki rooh ke ye zakhm bhar gaye hote,
yeh zindagi to aap ki amaanat thi warna,
hum to kab ke mar gaye hote!!
Zindagi jaise ek saza si ho gayee hai,
gham ke saagar mein is qadar kho gayee hai,
tum aa jao waapis yeh guzaarish hai meri,
mujhe shayad tumaari aadat si ho gayee hai.
aakhon ki zuban wo samajh nahi pate,
honth hain magar kuch keh nahi pate,
apni bebasi kis tarah kahen,
koi hai jinke bina hum reh nahi paathe.
tujhe chahne wale kum na honge,
waqt ke sath shayad hum na honge,
chahe kisi ko kitna bhi pyaar dena,
lekin teri yaadoN ke haqdar sirf hum hi hoNge
mila nahi koi dilbar aisaa,
jo hamse dil lagaataa,
hum to hain diljale aur,
yu hi koi dil nahi jalaataa.
Haqeeqat karo byaan to mazaak lagta hai,
ibadat karo jab to jhootha khwab lagta hai,
Are ye dil hai dil, aur dil ki hai ye sdaa,
aur tum kehte ho ki tumhe ye haseen ittfak lagta hai
mere jeene ke liye tera armaan hi kaafi hai,
dil ke qalam se likhi ye dastaan hi kafi hai,
teer-e-talwaar ki tujhe kya zaroorate ai nazneen,
qatl karne ke liye teri muskaan hai kafi hai.
agar hum na hote to tujhe ghazal kaun kahta,
tere chehre ko kamaal kaun kahta,
yeh to karishma hai mohabbat ka,
warna pathharoN (stones) ko taj mahal kaun kaheta??
tujhe chahne wale kum na honge,
waqt ke sath shayad hum na honge,
chahe kisi ko kitna bhi pyaar dena,
lekin teri yaadoN ke haqdar sirf hum hi hoNge
roz hota hai tarruf mera teri yAdoN se,
chhalakta hai noor tera meri AnkhoN se,
tadap raha hoon maiN aur ab ye Alam hai,
aur intezaar nahi hota ab meri sasoN se,
naam ki kya baat karte hoo, log chehre tak bhool jate hain
tum samander ki baat karte hoon, log aankhon main doob jate hain
waada app kar gaye ke aaoge khwab meiN
mare khusi ke neend na ayee to hum kya karen!!
ye kaisaa hai ehsaas, tu hi tu hai dil ke paas,
neend hai ki aati nahin, aur badhti jaati hai pyaas!!!
meri dua hai tu sabse nek seerat ho,
teri tarah tera dil bhi khoobsoorat ho,
dua se pahle mile tujhko jo tu chahe,
ke khud dua ko teri haathon ki zaroorat ho!!
chakh liya zaayeka-e-shayari jab se,
lafzon me tarannum si aa gayi hai,
arz-e-zubaan-e-ishq machal hi jati hai
jab bhi tere chehre ki tabssuum yaad aati hai....!!!
jee chaahta hai tumse pyari si baat ho,
khaamosh taare aur lambi si raat ho,
phir saari raat tumse hum kahte raheN,
ki tum meri zindagi tum meri qayenaat ho!!
wo zindagi hi kya jisme pyar nahi,
wo pyar hi kya jisme yaden nahi,
wo yaden he kya jisme tum nahi,
wo tum hi kya jisme hum nahi.
jab bhi main khud ko samjhaooN, tu mera nahi hai,
dil mein koi cheekh uthta hai, nahi aisa nahi hai,
kab utarta hai koi dil mein utar jaane ke baad,
ki is gali ke doosri jaanib koi aur raasta nahi hai.
Kaash aisa ho ki tumko tumse chura loon,
waqt ko rok kar waqt se ek din chura loon,
tum paas ho to is raat se ek raat chura loon,
tum saath ho to is jahan se ye jahan chura loon.

Dost Shyaries Dost Shyaries Dost Shyaries Dost Shyaries Dost Shyaries Dost Shyaries Dost Shyaries

Dost ek saahil hai tufaano ke liye,
Dost ek aaina hai armaano ke liye,
Dost ek mehfil hai anjaano ke liye,
Dosti ek khawaahish hai aap jaise dost ko paane ke liye !!

Aye dost teri dosti uss ghadi tadpaayegi,
Jab zindagi kahegi alvida, Aur maut bhi naa aayegi ! .
Dosti toh sirf ek ittefaaq hai,
Yeh toh dilon ki mulaakaat hai,
Dosti nahi dekhti yeh din hai ki raat hai,
Isme toh sirf wafaadaari aur jasbaat hai !

Tujhe dekhe bina teri tasweer bana sakta hoon,
Tujhse mile bina tera haal bata sakta hoon,
Hai meri dosti mein itna dum,
Apni aankh ka aansoon teri aankh se gira sakta hoon !!

Jasbaate ishq naakaam naa hone denge,
Dil ki duniya mein kabhi shaam naa hone denge,
Dosti ka har ilzaam apne sar par le lenge,
Par dost hum tumhe badnaam na hone denge !

Dosti achchi ho toh rang laati hai,
Dosti gehri ho toh sabko bhaati hai,
Dosti naadaan ho toh toot jaati hai,
Par agar dosti apne jaisi ho....
.... Toh itihaas banaati hai !
Tumse doori ka ehsaas sataane lagaa,
Tere saath guzaraa har lamha yaad aane laga,
Jab bhi tujhe bhoolne ki koshish ki aye dost,
Tu dil ke aur bhi kareeb aane laga !

Kaun kehta hai Dost tumse hamari Judaai hogi,
Ye Khabar kissi aur ne Udaai hogi,
Shaan se rahenge aapke Dil mae hum,
Itne shayries mein Humne kuchh toh Jagah banaai hogi.
Jasbaate ishq naakaam naa hone denge,
Dil ki duniya mein kabhi shaam naa hone denge,
Dosti ka har ilzaam apne sar par le lenge,
Par dost hum tumhe badnaam na hone denge

Raatein gumnaam hoti hai,
Din kisike naam hota hai,
Hum zindagi kuch is tarah jeete hai,
Ki har lamha doston ke naam hota hai !

Jaan hai mujhko zindagi se pyaari,
Jaan ke liye kar doon kurbaan yaari,
Jaan ke liye todd doon dosti tumhaari,
Ab tumse kya chhupaana,
Tum hi toh ho jaan hamaari !

Zindagi nahin humein doston se pyaari,
Doston pe haazir hai jaan hamaari,
Aankhon mein hamaari aansoon hai toh kya,
Jaan se bhi pyaari hai muskaan tumhaari !

True friends are like Diamonds.
they are real and rare.
False friends are like leaves.
they are scattered everywhere
Koi ankhon se baat ker leta hai,
koi ankhon me mulakat ker leta hai,
bada mushkil hota hai jawab dena
jab koi khamosh rehker saval ker leta hai.

I must have been born under a lucky star ,
to find a friend as nice as you are.
I will follow the rainbow to the end ,
if you all promise to remain my friend !!!

Zindagi udas hone ka naam nahi,
Dosti sirf paas hone ka naam nahi,
Agar tum dur rehkar bhi hamhe yad karo,
is se bada hamare liye koi inam nahi

Jasbaate ishq naakaam naa hone denge,
Dil ki duniya mein kabhi shaam naa hone denge,
Dosti ka har ilzaam apne sar par le lenge,
Par dost hum tumhe badnaam na hone denge !

dosti mein dil ka tamasha dekha nahi jata,
humse tuta hua sisa dekha nahi jata,
apne hisse ki khusiya bhi de du tujhe,
aye dost tera utra hua chehra dekha nahi jata
dosto ek rishta hai
jo aankho se byan hota hai

Funny Shayari Funny Shayari Funny Shayari Funny Shayari Funny Shayari Funny Shayari

Tumko dekha to yeh khayaal aaya
Ki kal raat ko maine itna kyon khaaya
Teri zulfein hain ya ghana andhera
Katwa de baal, aur kar de savera
Funny Shayari
Juice peene ka maza cup mein nahin, glass mein hota hai
Greeting card dene ka maza gharwali ko nahin, saali ko hota hai
I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u
I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u I Luv u
Enuff - I luv other alphabets also
Tu mere dil mein aise samaayi hai
Jaise baajre ke khet mein bhains ghus aayi hai
Khush rahe tu sada yeh dua hai meri
Teri premika hi ban jaaye bhabhi teri
Funny Shayari
Tumsa koi dusara zamin par ho to rab se shikayat hogi,
tumsa koi dusara zamin par ho to rabse shikayat hogi,
Ek to jhela nahi jata dusara aa gaya ye kam baat hogi.
Majnu Laila ke baal pakad ke bola
Moya kitne din se sar nahin dhoya
Chand par kaali ghata chaati to hogi,
Sitaron mein Chamak aati to hogi.
Tum lakh chupao Duniya se, magar akeley mein
tumhe apni shakal pe hansi aati to Hogi
Unki Gaali ke chakkar kaat te kaat te,kutte humaare yaar ho gaaye,
Unki Gaali ke chakkar kaat te kaat te,kutte humaare yaar ho gaaye,
Woh to humhe naa mili..................
Magaar hum kutton ke Sardaar ho gaaye!!!

Funny Shayari
Jaayiye aap kahan jaayenge
Hum khud aapko chhod aayenge
Mere Dost Mere Chale Jaane Key Baad Aansu Na Bahana...
Agar Meri Yaad Aaye to Sidhe Upar Chaley Aana ...
Draupadi ka vastraharan Dushasan k o pada bhari
Saari mein saari Parag saari!
socha ttha har modh par tumhara saath denge,
socha ttha har modh par tumhara saath denge,
par kya kare kambakhat sadak hi sidhi nikli
Dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re dil dola re Arrey chakkar aa gaya
Funny Shayari
Hum aapke dil mein rahate hai
Aur bhaada bhi nahin dete hai
Na mitti ki kami thi na kam lagayi gayi
Na mitti ki kami thi na kam lagayi gayi
Jo bhi bach gayi thi, woh upar lagayi gayi
khud ko kar buland itna ki zamaana ho deewana
khud ko kar buland itna ki zamaana ho deewana
neend se utha to paaya kutton ka dawaakhaana
Maine tujhe pyar kiya abla samajh kar
Tere baap ne mujhe baja dala Tabla samajh kar
Chand par kaali ghata chaati to hogi,
Sitaron mein Chamak aati to hogi.
Tum lakh chupao Duniya se, magar akeley mein
tumhe apni shakal pe hansi aati to Hogi
Funny Shayari
Tumne mere dil se khela
Tumne mere tan se khela
Tumne mere man se khela
Wah Wah Well Played
Lohe ko Loha kat ta hai ...
Sone Ko Sona Kat ta hai...
Jaher ko Jaher kat ta hai...
Isliye apko Kutta katega
Machchar ne apko kata wo uska Junun tha...
Aapne Khujli ki wo apka Sukun tha .....
Chah kar bhi aapne use nahi mara....
Kyonki uski rago me apka khoon tha
Tum kya jano gum kya hota hai.
Tum kya jano gum kisey kehate hai.
Tum kya jano gum kya cheez hoti hai.
Tumne to hamesha fevicol use kiya hai.
Teri nazron se nazar milane ko ji chahta hai
kambhakth ye tera chashma beech mein aata hai
Funny Shayari
Ladka apni dilruba se pooch raha hai
Kya pyaar karna paap hai?
Kya pyaar karna paap hai?
Ladke ka dost uske kaan mein bolta hai
Abbey patli gali pakad peeche uska baap hai


I love so much my heart is sure.As time goes on I love you more,Your happy smile.Your loving face No1 will ever take your place

I am in da emergency room now talk'n to da doctor he says it doesn't look good he says I am going to die... If I ever stop loving YOU
Girl ur clever girl ur smart.girl ur like a work of art.girl ur y girl ur fine.d only thing u aint is mine!
Sweet as a rose bud bright as a star cute as a kitten thats what u are.bundles of joy sunshine and fun you are everything i luv all rolled into 1
there was an headcount of angels in heaven,pandemonium strucked discoverin dat an angel is missin,pls call heaven &tell dem ure safe wit me,my sweet angel
8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning... i love you
Thought of u 2day,dats not new,thought of u yesterday + da day b4 2, ill think of u 2mor + my whole life thru & ill think of u 4eva coz i think da world of U

i luv ur eyes i luv ur smile.i cherish ur ways i adore ur style.Wot can i say?ur 1of a kind & 24/7 ur on my mind!

A special smile a special face.a special someone i cant replace.i luv u i always will.uve filled a space no one can fill!
I believe that God above created u for me to luv.he picked you out from all the rest cos he knew id luv you the best!

I have liked many but loved very few.yet no-one has been as sweet as u.I'd stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.just for the pleasure of a moment with u.
As I lie awake in my bed.All sorts of thought run through my head,Like why do I love u as much as I do.den I realise its because u r u!

I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart,so deposit your love in it and you will get the interest
it is hard to talk when your in love because when i look into your beautiful i get my breath taken away
Ur my strength, My luv, My heart.Ur luvn touch i long 4 so mch,Ur voice so softly dat whispers i'm ur's 4ever b mine my baby "I LOVE U"

baby i have an addiction problem.people say i shud go to rehab but I always tell the m i dont wanna go cause im addicted to ... YOU

ill drop a tear drop into the ocean & the day i find that tear drop is the day i stop loving u!

one day the moon sed 2 me, if ur lover makes u cry why dont you leave ur lover.. i looked at the moon n replied would u every leave ur sky?
if i could die early i would ask God if i could be your guardian angel, so i could wrap my wings around you and embraces you whenever you feel alone...
there was an headcount of angels in heaven, pandemonium strucked discoverin dat an angel is missing, pls call heaven & tell dem ur safe wit me,my sweet angel
When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don't wonder why, just make a wish. Trust me, it will come true, because I did it and I found you

When u feel alone just look at the spaces between ur fingers remeber that in those spaces u can c my fingers locked with urs 4ever!!!

R.for red ,red for blood ,blood for heart, heart for love, love for u ,u for me, me is u , I love u
Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain youll break my heart 4ever!xxx
1000 words 1 cood say.1000 wishes 1 cood pray.1000 miles legs cood walk.1000 sounds a mouth cood talk.1000 times ill b true.1000 ways 2 say i luv u!

U say u luv me & want 2 hold me tight.those words run thru my head day & nite.i dreamt u held me & made me see dat 4ever 2gether we wood be!

True luv is hard 2 find.Special 1-1 of a kind.But the luv inside of me is true.It appeared the day i met you!

Accidents do happen.i slip- i trip- i stumble- i fall & usually i dont care at all.but now i dont know what to do cos i slipped and fell in love with u
There are a million stars and a million dreams, you are the only star for me, the only dream i dream
I love 3 things! The sun, the moon and U! The sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever!

if i died or travelled far, i'd write ur name on every star,so everyone could look up & see, dat u mean the world 2 me

Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship

Without humor, life sux. Without courage, life is hard. Without love, life is hopeless. Without friends like you, life is impossible!

Good Song-Few Minutes Happy,Good Film-Few Hours Happy... Good College-Few Years Happy,Good Friend Like U-Life Long Happy..

One day LOVE asked FRIENDSHIP, Why are you in the world when I am here? Friendship smiled & said, TO SPREAD SMILES WHERE YOU LEAVE TEARS.

Waade bhi doston ne kya khoob nibhaye, Zakhm muft aur dard taufe mein bhijwaye, Is se badhkar wafadaari ki misaal kya hogi, ki maur se pehle dost kafan le aaye

dictonary is the only place where death comes before life,divorce comes before marriage,and success comes before work. but friend comes before relatives!!!!

Unka aashiyan dil mein basa rakha hai,unki yaadon ko sine se laga rakha hai. Pata nahin aap hi yaad aate hai kyon,dost to humne hazaaron ko bana rakha hai.

Ham aapki yaad mein udas hain, bas aapse milne ki aas hai. Chahe dost kitne bhi kyun na ho. Apne liye to bas aap hi khas hai.

Jiske pass kuch nahi hota use log haste hai, aur jiske pas sabkuch hota hai usse log jalte , aur hamare pass Dosti hai usse pane ke liye log tarste hai

Dost hazar nahi sirf ek chahiyeSukh-dukh me de saath woh yaar chahiye... Hum Kisi ko bhulate nahi,Lekin jo yaad rakhe hume woh yaar chahiye....

Tujhe apna muqaddar atate hain hum,Khuda ke baad tere aage sar jhuate hai hum.... Dosti ka rishta tod mat dena,Is rishte ke dum par muskurate hain hum....

Lips do not join when,we say love.. sign of distance, >>>> but when we say FRIENDSHIP,lips join.. sign of togeterness ..so be my friend 4ever!!!

Khuda mehfus rakhna mere us dost ko jisne bhula diya mujh badnaseeb ko, usse kahna intezar karta hai koi.. es duniya me uuse bahut pyar karta hai koi..

Lovely Roses and Lovely You, And Lovely are the things u do, but loveliest is the friendship of the two, 1 is me and the other is U.

Dectionary is the only place where DETH comes b4 LIFE,SUCCES b4 WORK,DIVORCE b4 MARRIAGE,but best part of this is that FRIENDS come before RELATIVE.SO always try to be a FRIEND.

Ice is a cream, luv is a dream but r friendship is evergreen. Don t make friends bfore understanding & don t break a friendship after misunderstanding

Flower n Friend SMS! Phulon se khoobsurat koi nahi. Sagar se gahara koi nahi. Ab aapki kya tarif karu... Dost me aap jaisa... Nalayak koi nahi!

When tears flow in your eyes... Always remember two things: I m here and I care I love you more then yeterday, and less then tomorrow Love comes and goes but friends stay forever!

Tum milo na milo koi gam nahi,SMS karo yeh milne se kam nahi.. Dosti me dhoka de woh Hum nahi,Hamari Dosti bhi Bunty Aur Babli se kam nahi...

Har waqt muskurana fitrat hai hamaari. Aap yuhi khush rahe hasrat hai hamaari. Aap ko hum yaad aaye na aaye... Aapko yaad karna aadat hai hamaari...xxx

Hum doston ko bhulte nahi hain,Magar yeh baat jatate nahi hain... Doston ko hamesha rakhte hain yaad,Hum bhulne ke liye dost banate nahi hain...

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, who came first or who cares the best.. Its about who came and never left..

I never found my star in the night, Leaving my dreams far from my sight, U came along & i saw the light, U be my Friend Forever!

hasna hasana kisi ko gwara nahi hota her musafir jindgi ka sahara nahi hota milte hai log is tanha jingi me per har koi dost tumsa payara nahi hota

Dosti toh sirf ek ittefaaq hai, Yeh toh dilon ki mulaakaat hai, Dosti nahi dekhti yeh din hai ki raat hai, Isme toh sirf wafaadaari aur jasbaat hai !


The Numaric value of L+O+V+E=54,But the numaric value of F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P=108 , So LOVE+LOVE=F SHIP Thus f ship is 2times>LOVE...

Karni mujhe khuda se kuch fariyad baki hai. Hame unse kehni kuch baat baki hai. Maut aayegi to keh denge zara ruk, Abhi mere dost se ek mulakat baki hai.

Musibat ka syrup ho tum... Tension ka capsule ho tum... Aafat ka tablet ho tum... Par kiya kare, kehna par tha hai kyunki..... Dosti ka injection ho tum!

Kal fir yehi sama hoga, Hum mein se kaun na jane kahan hoga, Murjhaye phool to mil jayenge kitabo mein, Par bichhade dosto ka shayad hi koi pata hoga....

dost hazar nahi sirf ek chahiye, dukh-sukh me de sath vo yar chahiye, hum kisi ko bhulate nahi lekin jo yad rakkhe hame vo yar chahiye......

Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of LOVE, B'coz Sun rises in the east and sets in the west but friendship Rises in the heart and sets after Death...

Har raat ko chand ka shingar nahin milta, Har bagh ko phool ka dulaar nahin milta, maine bhi duniya dekhi hai dost, Har dost ko aap jaisa DOST nahi milta!

friends r like stars.u can t always c them, but u know they r always there 4 u.

dosti aesi nibhao ki . dekhne wale dangrah jaye , khuda bhi aa ke tumse puche , ky hum bhi tumhare dost ban jaye ?..........

Sitaron ke aage bhi koi jahan hoga,Jo na dekha kabhi woh sama hoga.... Us jahan ke saare hasin nazaron ki kasam,Aap sa pyara dost dusra kaha hoga....

A memory lasts forever and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say GOOD BY

Dosti ka rishta anokha he na gulab sa he na kanto sa, Dosti ka rishata to us dali ki traha he jo gulab aur kante dono ko ek sath jode rakhta he aakhri dum tak.......

Dosti ki tadap ko dikhaya nahi jata, dil mein lagi aag ko bhujaya nahi jaata, Kitni bhi doori hoe dosti me, aap jaise dost koe bhualaya nahi jaata.

After a long tym Silence Breaks,Frm D bottom of my Heart i Frail,Yesterday,Today, n Tomoro, Only ONE Thing Prevails, A ShIp that Nvr Breaks, FrIeNdShIp

Dosti ka pehala paigaam aapke naam, jindgi ki aakhri saans aapke naam, rahe salamat yeh dosti apni, ise salamat rakhana aapka kaam.

The best teacher is ur heart, The best healer iis time, The best judge is ur conscious. Ur best friend could only be GOD & ur CUTEST FRIEND can only be ME!

friendship is a horizantal which expands when ever we approch it.

Many hands i shake, Many friends i make, Best of them are few, One of them is U

Har karz dosti ka ada kaun karega, jub hum hi na rahenge tho dosti kaun karega, Aye khuda, mere dost ko salaamat rakhna, varna mere jeene ki dua kaun karega!

Friendship is a special kind of love and One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives

Har dua kubul nahi hoti,Har aarzu puri nahi hoti ... Jinke dil me aap jaise dost rehte ho,Unke liye dhadkan bhi jaruri nahi hoti....

Friendship never speaks volumes it never demands proof.....it never has a happy ending too.....simply bcoz it doesnt end as longas frnds r true......Gudnite

A Special Smile A Special Face A Special someone I cant replace A Special Hug From me to u 4 the special person I have found in YOU!

haquiqat mohabbatki judai hoti hain. pyar may to sirf ruswai hoti hain. hamari taraf haath bada kar to dekho. dosti may kitni saachai hoti hain.

Dil me tumhare apni kami chod jayenge, Ankhome intezar ki lakir chod jayenge, Yaad rakhna dhundte rahoge hame, Dosti ki aisi kahani chod jayenge.

Phookbankar muskrana zindagi hai..., Muskara ke Gum bhulana zindagi hai..., Milkar log khush hote hai to kya hua...., Bina mile dosti nibhana bhi zindagi hai...


Dil ki hasti mit gayi hoti,aur sare dard badh gaye hote,jindgi aap jaise dosto ki amanat hai,varna hum to kab ke bikhar gaye hote

If care is wave i give u sea. If respect is a leaf i give u tree. If Trust is a planet i give u galaxy, If friendship is life i give u myself..!

Every nice friend is a glimpse of God.
Its one of life's blessings,
a priceless gift that can never b bought, sold or forgotten.
Have a nice time... Take care

words benigs with..a b c .number beings with..1 2 3 music beinngs with .. sa re ga . but frend ship beings with.. HUM TUM !!

Aao Ab koi Dost Aisa Banaya jaye jise Palkon pe Sajaya jaye Rahe uska mera rishta kuch is tarhen ka ,ki vo rahe Bhukha toh humse Bhi kuch khaya na jaye

Jab Paas Ho To Rukh Se, Nigahain Na Morna Jab Dour Ho To Mera, Tasavvur Na Chorna Aye Dost!!! Dil Lagane Se Pehle Ye Sonch Le Mushkil Bahut Hai, Rishton Ki Zanjeerain Torna

Dosti ke bhi apne andaz hote hai, Jagti aankho me khwab hote hai, Soyi aankho me sailab hote hai, Kyo ki dosti k rishte to nayab hote hai.......

A wish in a corner, Deep in my Heart, 2BFreinds 4ever & never apart, hope this bond has a long life 2 live, for you my friend anything i`ll give.


My friendship with u is like an onion which has many layers in it. it will add taste to ur life but if u try to cut it, u will have tears in ur eyes...............

The morning is just a few moments away. Go to sleep and when you wake up, remember me as a friend who is always there for you and never let you down

Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need u. years may fly, tears may dry, but my friendship with u will never die

Kaho usi se jo na kahe kisi se! Mango usi se jo dede khushi se ! Chaho use jo tumhe mile kismat se ! Dosti karo usi se jo hamesha nibhaye hasi se..

friend ship is like a glass. we have to promise not to break that glass. its hard as like tone,

Khuda se koi bat anjaan nahi hoti, jab insaan ki jindagi beimaan nahi hoti, Kabhi manga hoga humne pyara sa dost varna yunhi aapki humse pehchaan nahi hoti..!

A faithful friend is the medicine of life and True friendship is a plant of slow growth.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

Takdeer ne chaha takdeer ne bataya,Takdeer na tumko humse milaya... Khushnaseeb the hum ya woh pal,Jab tumsa anmol dost is zindagi me aaya....

True friends stay together and never say goodbye! Friends Never say goodbye, they say hello!!

Aap ki yad aayi, ankhe khuli. varna jagne vale hum na the, dosti pe jinda he aap ki, varna jinda rehne vale hum na the.

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship--never.

FRiendship is a network that needs,no recharge,no roaming,no validity limit,no activation,no signal problems,no low bettari,FriendShip is life time in coming.

Suna hai asr hota hai baton main, tum bhi bhool jaoge do chaar mulakatoon main, humse rooth kar jaoge kahan, tumari to dosti ki lakeer hai in hatoon main.

Aisa nahi ki aap yaad aate nahi, Khata sirf itni hai ki hum batate nahi, Dosti aapki anmol hai hamare liye, Samajhte ho aap is liye hum jatate nahi..

Nazar tumhari, Nazar hamari, Nazar ne dil ki nazar utari, Nazar ne dekha nazar ko aise, ki nazar dosti ko lage na hamari.

Log milte hai.... EVERY TIME !! Pasand aate hai.... SOMETIME !! Dosti hoti hai...... ONETIME !! Jo rehti hai........ LIFETIME !

Teri dosti ki taarif juban pe aane lagi,Tumse dosti ki aur zindagi muskurane lagi... Yeh meri dosti thi ya teri achhai,Ki meri har saans se tere liye dua aane lagi....

Hasroton ki nigahon pe sakht pehre hai na jane kis umeed pe dil thehra hai teri chahaton ki kasam ae dost apni dosti ka rishta pyar se bahut gehra hai.

Apni dosti phoolon ki tarah na ho jo ek bar khile aur murjha jaye balki kaaton ki tarah ho jo ek bar chubhe to bar bar yaad aaye.

Khamoshiyon me ek ada itni pyari lagi,Aapki dosti hume sabse nayari si lagi.... Yeh na tute kabhi yahi dua hai kyon ki yahi duniya me hume hamari lagi....

Khawabon me aanewale tera shukriya,Dil ko behlanewale tera shukriya.. Kaun karta hai is zamane me kisi se dosti itni,hume dost kehnewale tera shukriya....

SMS means: S=Symbol of Friendship... M=Method of communication in two hearts... S=Sweet waiting for the favourite person...

Fun : Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Friendship is like a war; easy to start, difficult to end and impossible to forget. So I am having war with you & hope you don t want peace.

Inspiration Care Peace Balance Intellect Vitality Love If friendship was a rainbow,I d have the brightest one called YOU who brightens up all my days ......always

risthey to uhni mil jate hai , dosti bananeme sadion guzar jati hain, risthon ne to risthey ko thukraya magar hum ne dosti me dushmaan ko bhi gale lagaya

Between a 1000yesterdays and a million tomorrows theres only 1 today.I wouldnt let this pass without saying this to you.Thanx for sharing ur friendship with me.

Fursat kise hain Jakhmo pe malham lagane ki.Neegahe badal gayee apano aur baigano ki.Tum na chhodna dosti ka haath kabhi.Warana tamanna na rahegi naye dost banae ki.

In a group of Flowers ROSE is most AMIABLE ,In a group of Stones DIAMOND is most VALUABLE , In a group of FRIENDS U r the Most ADORABLE .....

Ankhon se dur ho par dil se nahi, Dil me zarur ho par milte nahi, bus yehi gila hai tumse dost, tum milte zarur ho par dil se nahi..

Dosti ka pahala Paigam aapke naa,
Zindagi ki Aakhri saans aapke naam,
Rahe Salamat yeh dosti hamari, dosti Salamat rakhna aapka kaam...

friends are like apage in a book of life.Every page with a different subject.But u r my index page ,covering every subject of my life...


I cant find a reason why God gave you to me But thats not the question to be asked May be the question is how did God know that I needed a person like you

Gadha bhi jo na khaye wo ghaas ho tum,Stupid idiot bakwas ho tum. 52 Jokro wali taash ho tum,par phir bhi jo bhi ho Yaar Dost bahut Jhakkas ho tum....

Kadhi Kadhi Maitricha Prakash Aapalya Manamadhe Pasarto Aani, Tya Prakashat Mag Aapan Aaplyalach Visarto

Zindagi Udas Hone Ka Naam Nahi,Dosti Sirf Paas Hone Ka Naam Nahi.Agar Tum Door rehkar Bhi Hume Yaad Rakho,Is Se Bada Hamare Liye Koi Inaam Nahi!!!....

True love is like missed call,It comes to u but before u get it,It gets away...But true friends are like SMS that comes to u and gets stored in ur Inbox...

Phool aisa ho jo baag ko khushbu se bhar de,Hamsafar aisa ho jo andheron ko roshan kar de,Dost aisa ho zindagi ko khushi aur mobile ko SMS se bhar de...

Yeh WORLD hai na WORLD, is mein do tarah ke log hote hai; Ek jo kabhi kisi ke dil mein jagah nahi bana paate aur doosre jo kabhi kisi ke dil se juda nahi ho paate.. HUM aur TUM in doosre logon mein se hai!!

Suraj paas ho na ho, Roshni aaspas rehti hai, Dost paas ho na ho, Dosti aas pas rehti hai, Waise hi aap paas ho na ho, aapki Yaadein hamesha paas rehti hai!

Har raat ko chand ka shingar nahin milta, Har bagh ko phool ka dulaar nahin milta, maine bhi duniya dekhi hai dost, Har dost ko aap jaisa DOST nahi milta!

Friends r like films, some r musical, some r romantic, some r adventurous, some r comedy & yet others are tragedy, but very few like u r Oscar Winning!

kisi ki chahat par jinda rahne wale hum naa the,
kisi par mar mitne wale hum naa the,
aadat si pad gayi hai aapko yaad karne ki,
varna kisi ko yaad karne wale hum naa the.

Nadiyano se kinnare choot jaate hain, Aasaman se taare toot jaate hain,Zindagi ki rah mein aksar aisa hota hai,ki jinhe hum chahte hain wahi aksar hum se rooth jaate hain.

Nice People r like d wind. U'll never know what'is inside their Heart......But u'll always feel their presense. "Hey, U'r 1 of Them."

God picked up a flower n dipped it in dew, he lovingly touched it, which turned into u, and then he gifted to me n said this sweet friend is 4 u..!!!

Life is sin90 =1
Love is cos90 = 0
but Frndship is like
Tan90 = Infinity
it has no value in this universe .I am happy to have a frnd like u.................

Ekk khwab,
Ekk kheyal,
Ekk hakikat ho tum,
Dosti me padne
wali har jarurat
ho tum,
jisko roj Ekk sms
karne ko dil kare,
Arre yaar ajib musibat ho tum....
The sun is glazing, upon the sunlight I see the path of our friendship shining brightly knowing that it is so great 2 have a friend like U! :)

Court Order - U R Accused 4 crawling in 2 my heart and hijacking my smiles with UR sweet msgs. Ur sentenced 2b my Friend 4 ever.

i dnt search bt i found
i nvR wiSh but it camE tRu
i nvR aSkd bt i got an anSwR
& i nvR wntEd bt nOw i hav u.
Thank you Lord..
4 dis blessig called

A Friendship is Rainbow between 2 hearts sharing 7 kinds of feelings:
Love + Happiness + Faith + Secrecy + Truth + and sadness (too)

Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived. desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached.where it began.where will it end.friends from da start.friends til da end!.

It's Hard To Find Balance When U r in Love.U found In a middle Cause, U have To Decide Between Heart & the Brain.Heart is the Engine Of Your Body,But Brain Is Engine Of Ur Life.

friendship is a gift wen it is new.. it's a miracle wen it is true.. but u know wat? it's a blessing wen it is you(",).

A loving person lives in a loving World.
A hostile person lives in a hoste hostile world.
But a person like you lives in Friend's heart.

(",) FRiÉÑDS
(",) come & go,



c",) MÉ..?

c",) NEVER!
i'm here 4eva!

A million words couldn't bring you back I know coz I've tried.... Neither could a million tears I know coz I've cried...
A sweet sms for you,What is the difference between blood and you?Blood enters in the hearts and flows out,But you entered the heart and stayed.

I met U as a stranger, I leave U as a friend, as long as the world stands, our friendship never ends. All friends never split N even if they do they will meet again.

Maitri... Nako Phula sarakhi, Kshanbhar sugandh denari. Nako Surya sarakhi, Satat tapaleli. Nako Chandra sarakhi, Divasaa saath na denari. Nako Sawali sarakhi, Kayam pathalaag karnaari..... Maitri... Asavi Ashrun sarakhi, Sukha-dukhhat saman saath denari.....

Do you know a word which has end in it but can never end.................................................................................
yeah you are rite it s FRI END

When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don t wonder why, just make a wish. Trust me, it will come true, because I did it and I found you

Girti hui baarish ki bundon ko apne haton me samet lo, jitna paani tum samet paye utna yaad tum humen karte ho,
jitna pani tum samet nahi paye, utna yaad hum tumhe karte hai

_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$ _ _ MOHABBAT _ _ means... _ _ _$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$_$ _ _ M-maut _ _ O-oljhan _ _ H-haarna _ _ A-ansoo _ _ B-barbadi _ _ B-bewafai _ _ A-andhera _ _ T-tanhai So FRIENDSHIP IS ALWAYS BETTER

Yaadna karoge to Satayenge, Ruthoge to Manayenge. Royoge to Hasaynge, DOST hai hum SAYA nahi, jo ANDHERE main SAATH chor jayenge


A little less ego, a little more understanding, a little less argument, a little more concern, thats what keeps friendship 4ever..

Apun dono ki dosti ekdam jakkash hone mangta; Jakkash bole to Apun HAAR tu MOTI, Apun SABJI tu ROTI. Apun PANI tu TANKI, Apun TARZAN tu MONKEY.

Aaj bhi pakadi hai dosti ki doori!!!Don t loose hope is a moral of story!!!!.... Jisne sikha life mein kisi se na jhukna!!!,Hamari dosti se milega bhaiya..Umeed se dugana..

Meri dosti ka hisaab jo lagaoge,To meri dosti ko behisaab paoge... Paani ke bulbule si hai meri dosti,Zara si thes lagi to dhundhte reh jaoge....

hamare har raaz ka jo humraaz hai, jo saaya bankar har pal hamare saath hai, hamari har khushiyo ka jo haqdar hai, tu hi to wo hamara dost lajawab hai....

The making of friends who are real friends, is the best token we have of a man s success in life.There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.

Luv is UN-STOPPABLE, Luv is UN-IMAGINABLE, Luv is EMOTIONAL, Luv is DESTINY, Luv is JOY, BUT a FRIEND like U is 1% more then LUV.

Mulakaat maut ki mehmaan ho gayi hai... Nazar ki duniya veeraan ho gayi hai.... Ab meri saans bhi meri nahin rahi.... Ye Zindagi aapki dosti par kurbaan ho gayi hai...

Suna hai asar hota hai baaton mein,Aap bhi bhul jaoge do chaar mulakaton mein.. Humse bachkar kaha jaoge,Aapki dosti ki lakeer hai in haathon mein..

Dhalti shaam ka khula ehsaas hai,Mere dil mein teri jagah kuch khaas hai...Tu nahi hai maloom hai mujhe,Par dil kehta hai ae dost tu yahi mere paas hai...

Teri dosti me ek nasha hai,Tabhi to yeh duniya hamse khafa hai...Na karo hamse itni dosti,Ki dil hi puche bata teri dhadkan kaha hai...

Yaad karte rain yaaron ko, yaadon se dil bhar aata hai, kabhi saath jiya karte thesab, aaj milne ko dil taras jata hai

Dur hote huve bhi
Dosti ka Rishta nibhate hai aap,
Na jane kyun Dil ko lubhate hai aap,
Yeh kaisa karishma hai aap ka,
Jo hum ko itna yaad aate hai aap.

Ekk khwab,
Ekk kheyal,
Ekk hakikat ho tum,
Dosti me padne
wali har jarurat
ho tum,
jisko roj Ekk sms
karne ko dil kare,
Arre yaar ajib musibat ho tum....

1+1=2 Eyes that look at U.. 4+1=5 Senses miss U.
12+12=24 hrs thinking about U.3+4=7 days in week miss u.
1+11=12 Months I need A friend Like U..

Friendship is like Chinaware so handle it with care,
if it is broken it is hard to repair....

Let me guess what are you doing.?Reading a book?Na! Na! Na! Listening music ? OOOhhhuu! Watching TV?Nah..! Caught you missing me & reading my sms.na..! Oh now u r smiling...!

Got a Gift For U...No Costs!No Batteries required!Tax Free!Performs Silently!Extremely Personal!Fully Returnable!It's A
*##HUG##* From Me To U...Happy B'day...

Your friendship is a Blank Cheque for me.Its an asset not a libility always a credit not a debit,always a profit not a loss & I hope it will never bounce...

When nights r long & friends r few.I sit by my window & think of U. A silent whisper, a silent tear. With all my heart! Wish u were here! Gud nite!

1 2 3 4
By any Measure You are SPECIAL! GOD Made U one Such PERSON! Don't let Anything ever change you.

I dropped a tear in the OCEAN while thinking of U...And I promise to be ur friend till I find it...

Meaning of Friendship : - F-------FOREVER R-------RESPONCIBLE I--------INTELLIGENT E-------EAGER TO MAIL N-------NICE D-------DIVINE S--------SIMPLE H-------HEARTLY I--------INTERSTED P-------PEACEFUL

Birth is like a DOT ,Life is like a TIME .Love is like a TRIANGLE ,But FRIENDSHIP is like a CIRCLE having no end.....

Sweet like honey,Costly like money,Blessing like shower,Pretty like a flower Busy like a bee,Thank God for giving my Friend a Friend like me...

Takdeer Ne Chaha Takdeer Ne Bataya
Takdeer Ne Aapko aur Humko Milaya
Khushnasib the hum ya woh pal
jab aap jaisa Anmol dost is jindagi me aaya

Chand ki chandni shayad madham pad jaye,
Pholon ki khushbo shayad fheki pad jaye,
Par hamari dosti mehakti rahe,
Shayad zindagi ke lamhe kam pad Jaye

Jab koi khayal dil se takrata hai,Dil na chah kar bhi khamosh reh jata hai... Koi sab kuch kehkar dosti jatata hai,To koi kuch na keh kar bhi dosti nibhata hai....

Dosti ka koi rang nahi fir bhi woh rangin hai, Dosti ka koi chehra nahi fir bhi woh hasin hai, dosti ka koi ghar nahi kyo ki woh to aap k aur hamare dil me hai..........

dost milte hai yahan dil ko dukhane ke liye....ungliyaan rakhte hai woh humpe uthane ke liye

Log kehte hain acche aadmi mar kar sitare ban jaate hain... Magar hum kehte hain acche sitare gir kar tum jaise dost ban jaate hain...

Nice friends r gifts not easily gained. It roots from one s heart & involves memories that stay.. Not 4 a moment, Not 4 a day, but FOREVER

SMS means: S=Symbol of Friendship... M=Method of communication in two hearts... S=Sweet waiting for the favourite person...

Sabse intelligent koun: TUM sabse smart koun: TUM sabse strong koun: TUM in sab me TUM se jyada koun: HUM Lekin duniya me sabse acche dost kaun: HUM TUM

Hum dosti me had se guzar jayenge. Yeh zindagi apke naam kar jayenge. Aap roya karenge hume yaad karke. Apke daman me itna pyar chod jayenge.


A true thought: When you are up,your friends know who you are.When you are down,you know who your friends are.....

Hum doston ko bhulte nahi hain,Magar yeh baat jatate nahi hain... Doston ko hamesha rakhte hain yaad,Hum bhulne ke liye dost banate nahi hain...

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.

A friend is sweet when its new..but it is sweeter when its TRUE! But u know what? Its sweetest when its you.

i searched many things to give u as a gift, but i cudnt found any thing to give u, so i thiught there is nothin but trust,care,love nd the softness of our friend ship. so b gud.



I have hands that wave at you,
Though I never say goodbye.
It's cool for you to be with me,
Especially when I say, "HI."
What am I?

An electric fan.

My thunder comes before the lightning;
My lightning comes before the clouds;
My rain dries all the land it touches.
What am I?

A volcano.

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

A river.

What gets whiter the dirtier that it gets?

A chalkboard

What has no beginning, end, or middle?

A doughnut.

What's the greatest worldwide use of cowhide?

A skin have I
more eyes than one
I can be very nice
when I am done.
What am I?

A potato.

He has married many women, but has never been married. Who is he?

A preacher.


A special LUNCH 4 u
A special LUNCH 4 u,
In de hotel of my Heart,
A boul of love,
A spoon of care,
In the pot of Happiness,
Dish is friendship,
Pay the bill

Expect the people you love to be better
Expect the people you love to be better.
It helps them to become better.
But don’t get upset when they fail.
It helps them keep trying.!
Heart is like a bottle of perfume
Heart is like a bottle of perfume.
If u never open it nobody knows the fragrance inside it..
If u keep it always open
soon u will loose ur fragrance.
So act wisely.
Love is possible after friendship
Love is possible after friendship
friendship is not possible after love
medicines work before death
later nothing can be cured….!!!
Love is like playing the piano
Love is like playing the piano.
First you must learn to
play by the rules,
then you must forget the
rules and lay from your heart.
Life is 4 living, I Live 4 U
Life is 4 living, I Live 4 U.
Songs r 4 singing, I Sing 4 U.
Love is 4 caring, I Care 4 U.
Angels r 4 keeping, Can I keep U…?
Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together

Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together:
at the door where the latter enters,
the former makes its exit.

Aapki mohabbat ki validity khatam ho rahi hai,
Baraye meharbani forun 1 pyara sa SMS kar k recharge karen,
I have 3 parts of my heart
I have 3 parts of my heart,
1st 4 my Allah,
2nd 4 my Family,
3rd 4 myFriends.
But no part 4 u,
What the heart gives away is never gone
What the heart gives away is never gone,
but kept in the hearts of others,
from dusk to dawn.
Love you from the core of my heart.
Wanna Be your Valentine 4ever
Near ones r not dear
‘Near ones r not dear’
‘Dear ones r not near’ It is easy
to remember the near ones.
But… Very difficult to forget the dear ones.
HAPPY Valentine’s Day.
i am sending you this valentine wish
Be my vallentine
i am sending you this valentine wish
with hugs and kissess ,too ;
cause there,s a place
here in my neart that,s
mad for only you!!!!!!!!!!
If there were no words
If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still here you
If there were no tears
No it to feel inside
I would still feel for you
And even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if all ends ran out Love
I would still have you here
Until the end of time
All I need is you as my VALENTINE.
My rose is red
My rose is red,
Ur eyes r blue,
You love me,
and I love u.
Happy valentine’s day
I’m enthralled by your beauty
I’m enthralled by your beauty,
mesmerized by your charisma
and spellbound by your love.
No wonder I am always thinking about you.
I wish to celebrate every Valentine with you.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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On Valentine’s Day,
I’m thinking about
the special ways
you have made my life better.
The little things,
the not-so-little things…
Your kindness,
the way you always listen
and pay attention to me.
You make my world
brighter and richer.
You’re a gift to me,
and I thank you
for being you.
On this day made just for lovers
On this day made just for lovers
something weighs heavily on my mind
yet still I have to question~
Will you be my valentine?
There will be no roses delivered
no chocolates that taste divine
yet none of that matters to me~
Will you be my valentine?
There will be no jewelry received from you to me~
that suits me just fine all I want from you is your heart
Will you be my valentine?
On this day made just for lovers
you’ll give me your heart, I’ll give you mine
yet still I have to question
Will you be my valentine?
What do you give a lady so sweet
What do you give a lady so sweet?
Who makes my existence so complete.
Should She get a Long-stemmed Rose?
Perhaps some very heartfelt pros?
A store-bought card with another’s word?
Anything that’s purchased seems absurd.
I would give you the World if it were mine,
For now, take my heart, and be My Valentine.
V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A…..is for I will Always be yours
L…..is for Love at its most extreme
E…..is for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N…..is for Never-ending love
T…..is for we will Always be Together forever
I…..is for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I luv you to
E…..is for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .
If you were my valentine
If you were my valentine
I’d search the endless skies
to find the perfect starlight
that would compliment your eyes
and keep it in a wishing well
created just for you
and filled with my desires
to make all your dreams come true
There is only one thing I wish to say
There is only one thing I wish to say
There is only one day left for Valentine day
Let all the lovers of the world unite
Let there be peace and love in everyone’s sight
Let the kisses flow smoothly like a stream
Let everyone meet the men and women of their dreams
Let everyone get a lovers valentine card
Even sending one yourself is not very hard
This day of love when you cannot say no
Telling your sweetheart that you love them so
Say it with flowers and say it with all your love
Say it with chocolates or with two white doves
Just show all your love on Valentine Day
and the tender words you say
if you were my valentine
I’d treasure every day
the arms that open to me
and the tender words you say
I can’t imagine dreaming
of another soul so sweet
for, if your were my valentine
my life would be complete…
I have searched my heart
I have searched my heart
For the words to say just how much u mean to me
You are all of God’s Blessings rolled into one.
My dreams,My desires,My evening,My sun.
My evening walking moment, my hopes and my fears,
My disillusion,My contentment,My joy nd My tears.
But most important of all,
I thank God when i pray bcoz u make
every moment MY VALENTINE DAY.

U r unique
U r caring &
U r the best….
N I’m d luckiest to
Have U in my life!
My valentine
My valentine:
Why would I bring you chocolate
when you are the treat.
My valentine:
Why would I bring you flowers
when your smell is what’s sweet.
My valentine:
Why would I buy you a card
when the words can be heard through me.
My valentine:
Why would I take you out some place
when all I need is to see your face.
My valentine:
Why would I celebrate this on one special day
When I can do it always.
Can I be yours too
Be My Valentine
This may be a little silly,
But I have a question for you,
Will you be my valentine?
‘Cause no one else will do…
I know you are my boyfriend
But will you be my valentine?
I can’t think of anyone else
I’d want to have as mine…
No one else gives me the tingles
The way you always do,
So, will you be my valentine?
So I can share this with you…
No one has ever kissed me
And sent chills down my spine,
Until the night you kissed me,
So, please be my valentine…
Like I said this is silly,
But I have one last question for you…
If you agree to be my valentine,
Can I be yours too?
Valentine’s mean to spend time with the one u love
Valentine’s mean to spend time with the one u love
Valentine’s mean that kisses,huges,smiles and candy
Valentine is the day u and me will be together with love
My love is true and never blue all about u.
Why.Cause Valentine’s! Roses could be red violet’s maybe blue
But my Roses R True 4 u on Valentine’s…………
Every day I come to school
Every day I come to school;
I spend a lot of time
Learning all the things you teach,
Which is the reason I’m
Sending you this Valentine;
It’s meant to let you know
I’m happy you’re my teacher
And I want to tell you so!
Happy Valentine’s Day
To my favorite teacher!
On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection
On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection,
My thoughts naturally turn in your direction.
I think of many things, big and small
That you’ve given to me and given your all.
You see me always in the kindest light;
You’re a glow in my life, golden and bright.
I’m thankful for the happy ties that bind
Me to you in our family, and I’d like to remind
You of all the special memories I treasure.
Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure!
You’re a walking example of how to live,
How to share, how to teach, how to love, how to give.
Please accept this Valentine poem,
warm from the heart of your Love.
On Valentine’s Day we think about

On Valentine’s Day we think about
Those matchless people who
Give extra meaning to our lives–
The very special few.
Without them, skies would turn to gray,
Things wouldn’t be the same,
Life wouldn’t be as colorful,
It would be a duller game,
And when I contemplate that group–
Friends and family who are mine,
I appreciate and treasure you,
You’re essential, Valentine!
Fond thoughts are coming your way
Fond thoughts are coming your way;
We’ve always had a special connection,
So Happy Valentine’s Day!

Funny Valentine! Where are you?
How will you come to me?
In a red box, the softness of
A teddy bear or the tenderness of A kiss?
The security of a hug, the snug warm Feeling of love?
You seem sooo far away!
I think about you when I close my eyes
And even when I open them in the morning.
It may not be Valentine’s Day everyday
But with you. just know you r My love supply.
My Funny Valentine!
Wherever I may go

Wherever I may go;
Whatever I do;
On Valentine’s Day
I’d like to say
I love you & I care for you
more than you do.
T-here’s richness in a love for life
T-here’s richness in a love for life
H-ere among the valentines,
A-king and queen as man and wife:
N-ot leaning towards what lust inclines;
K-nowing well the needs of state.
Y-on regal grace alone attends,
O-n which the peace, both small and great,
U-ndone by doubt, alone depends
Will you be my Valentine
Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
You are like a ocean,
And I am like your shores
You are like an endless wave
And I your waiting sand.
And I will wait forever as
You come & smooth my hand.
I will wait forever, yet
You are a part of me.
I hold you in my arms, while you
Come to me endlessly.
I know that I am yours.
I love you with a love that yearns
To be your golden shores.
Will you be my Valentine?
if you were my valentine
if you were my valentine
I’d find the softest rose
to gently brush against
those sweetest lips, the angels chose
my heart is like a flower
craving for your morning kiss
mere words cannot pay homage
to a passion such as this
is the most easiest day
Valentine’s Day
is the most easiest day
to say “I love you”
in a wonderful way.
circle of our love
B-e with us in the circle of our love,
E-ven if by chance you are alone.
O-ur greetings we have hope your heart vwill move,
U-niting our good wishes with your own.
R-emember there are those who think of you,
V-ested in the will to be a friend.
A-s distant hills give depth to what we view,
L-et these words some grace to your day lend.
E-ach life is lived behind a sheltering veil,
N-ot lifted but for love. Yet when we will,
T-here is a wind that shifts the rampart frail,
I-nvading with sweet scent the spirit still.
N-ow may we all enjoy this fragrance fine,
E-ach each other’s secret Valentine.
I searched through books & leafed through cards,
For words that wud convey, what I had in my heart,
But when I sat down to write, all I can write was….
I Love You!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Wondering what my Valentine lover
Wondering what my Valentine lover
Will give me on Valentine’s day
Will it be a trip abroad?
Will it be money for me to hoard?
Will it be a diamond ring?
Will it be two lovebirds to happily sing?
Will it be a brand new car?
Will he reach up for the bewitching stars?
No my Valentine lover
Had cupid’s dart
He aimed the dart
Towards my heart
My Valentine lover gave me his heart
In return I gave him mine
To keep with him
Till the end of time
Yes; my Valentine lover gave me his heart!
To My Valentine
To My Valentine
T-o my Valentine, with all my love,
O-f whom I cannot say enough in praise,
M-ay my love for you sufficient prove,
Y-earning to redeem your caustic days.
V-ortices within may drag you down.
A-nchor, then, in my serenity.
L-ove saves some who otherwise might drown,
E-mbarked alone upon their Galilee.
N-or should you deem your own love not enough
T-o be the chapel to which I retreat
I-n search of a pavilion for my pain.
N-o love is love unless it be a seat
E-nchanted, where a stone might weep again
Tears can sometimes be more
Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles…
For smiles can be given to any one…
But tears are only shed for people we love!
Happy Valentine’s Day !
Love is not how long u’ve been together
Love is not how long u’ve been together,
Not how much u’ve given or receive,
Not how many times u’ve helped each other,
It’s how u value each other !
Happy Valentine’s Day !
If a purfumed rose touches your face
If a purfumed rose touches your face,
If your mobile dances on a nice tone,
Remember its me trying to say you
‘Happy valentines day’
Love is Life
Love is Life
Love is Knife
It cuts our throat,
till the time we thrive,
sorrow and nature,
don’t go aside,
but smile and say,
that u r my Valentine….

If a butterfly comes close to you,
if a purfumed rose touches your face,
if your mobile dances on a nice tone,
remember its me trying to say you
‘happy valentine‘s day‘….
Roses exclusively from a nice person
Roses exclusively from a nice person…
From a simple person…
Keep roses until they dry…
Keep my relation until I die…
Happy Valentine‘s Day !
U r my love & u r my valentine
U r my love & u r my valentine…
I do love u & it’s true,
I never knew my life without u
I wanna live but it’s only with u,
Please be my valentine, I will hold u 4ever
Love,is more than what I have
Love,is more than what I have.
Love,is more than what you are.
Love,takes me where I‘ve never been.
Love,takes me where I am today.
In love,is what I am with you.
Love,is more than what I have
Love,is more than what I have.
Love,is more than what you are.
Love,takes me where I‘ve never been.
Love,takes me where I am today.
In love,is what I am with you.
Love is the greatest feeling
Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play,
Love is what I feel for you,Each and every day,
Love is like a smile, Love is like a song,
Love is a great emotion,That keeps us going strong,
I love you with my heart, My body and my soul,
I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can‘t control,
So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart,
And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
Happy valentine day
I‘m lost in your dreams
I‘m lost in your dreams, during the days,
and coz of that ,i can‘t feel the sun‘s rays,
I‘m lost in your dreams, even at night,
and coz of that ,i can‘t see the moon light,
I‘m lost in your dreams, for months together,
and coz of that, i can‘t feel the changing weather,
So dear now i can‘t leave you coz,
Without U my life is “Blue“,.
Love you
A sea is for you
A sea is for you, and waves are for me.
The sky is for you, and stars are for me.
The sun is for you, and light is for me.
Everything is for you, and you are for me..
Even though
We don’t get to be with each other
As much as we’d like…
I wanted to let you know
In the morning… in the night…
U are on my mind… 24 x 7
Happy Valentine Day!
Yaadon ki barsaat liye
Yaadon ki barsaat liye
Duaaon ki soghat liye
Dil ki gehrayee se
Chand ki roshnai se
Pholon k kaghaz per
Aap k liye sirf 3 lafz
Leave it once it’ll will be left forever
Leave it once it’ll will be left forever,
Get it once it’ll be yours forever,
It’s nothing but LOVE,
LOVE only once and you’ll be loved forever.
Love has its ups and downs
Love has its ups and downs,
its twists and turns.
Love leaves you pain,
teaches u until you learn
even if love takes so long,
it always takes you to where you belong.
Time will always fly
Time will always fly,
but our love will never die.
Keep in touch
remember me and my love.
If a raindrop would mean
If a raindrop would mean “I love you”
and you would ask me
how much I love you,
i bet you that it would rain all day
A candle may melt

A candle may melt
and it’s fire may die,
but the love you have
given me will always
stay as a flame in my heart.
I believe that GOD above
I believe that GOD above
created u for me to love…
He picked u out from all the rest…
because He know I Love u the best…
They learned me that one hours equals 60 minutes
and that one minute equals 60 seconds,
but they never told me that one second
without you can last for ever!
I love all the stars in the sky
I love all the stars in the sky,
but they are nothing
compared to the ones in your eyes!
Falling in love is a sweet ambition
Falling in love is a sweet ambition,
finding true love is a life time mission..
Take my word, follow the Pakistani tradition
& marry ur dad’s decision !
Love is sweet poison
Love is sweet poison: ..
Do not consume without your beloved’s advise ..
and keep out of reach of children ..
and keep it in cool and dark place.
Jaan hai mujhko zindagi se pyaari
Jaan hai mujhko zindagi se pyaari,
Jaan ke liye kar doon kurban yaari,
Jaan ke liye todd doon dosti tumhaari,
Ab tumse kya chhupaana,
Tum hi toh ho jaan hamaari.
When u love someone
When u love someone,
Its like reaching for the star .*.
U know u cant reach them .*.
But u keep trying
Coz may be 1 day
that star might fall for u .!.*.!.*.!
Love knows no reasons
Love knows no reasons,
Love knows no lies,
Love defines all reasons,
Love has no eyes…
But love is not blind,
Love sees all but doesnt mind…..

If i were a tear in ur eye
i would roll down onto ur lips.
But if u were a tear in my eye
i wood never cry
as i wood be afraid 2 lose u!
If i could be any part of U I wud be ur tear
If i could be any part of U I wud be ur tear,
To be conceived in ur heart born in ur eyes…
Live on ur cheeks
die on ur lips…..
1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u
1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
but now dat i love u im scared 2 lose u!
If 10 people care 4 u
If 10 people care 4 u,
one of them is me,
if 1 person cares 4 u that would be me again,
if no 1 cares 4 u that means
i m not in this world.
Life ends when you stop dreaming
Life ends when you stop dreaming,
hope ends when you stop believing
and love ends when you stop caring.
So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful
When time comes for u
When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone,
make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart,
cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.
Bee love honey
Bee love honey,
Miss love money,
Flower love due,
Love is what I see in
Love is what I see in, your smile every day.
Love is what I feel in, every touch you give.
Love is what I hear in, every word you say.
Love is what we share every day we live
Tum Tub Tuk Pyaar Se Pyaar Mut Karo Ki
Pyaar Tum Se Pyaar Na Kare
Pyaar KoItna Pyaar Karo Ki
Pyaar Kisi Aur Se Pyaar Na Kare?
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Aap ki 1 MISS CALL
Aap ki 1 MISS CALL ek din ki khushi
Aap ka 1 SMS 1 week ki khushi
Aap ki 1 CALL 1 month ki khushi
Aap ki 1 MULAQAAT 1 year ki khushi
Aur aap ka PYAR
Umer bhar ki khushi
Please come and sit beside
Please come and sit beside me
I have so much to say
The words I have to share with you
I need to speak today
A special smile
A special smile a special face,
A special someone i cant replace,
I love u & i always will.
You have filled a space no one can fill!
I love so much my heart is sure
I love so much my heart is sure,
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile,Your loving face
No one will ever take your place
As I lie awake in my bed
As I lie awake in my bed.
All sorts of thought run through my head,
Like why do I love you as much as I do.
Then I realise its because u r u!
I love your eyes
I love your eyes,
I love your smile,
I cherish your ways,
I adore your style
What can I say?
You are 1 of a kind & 24/7
Thought of you today
Thought of you today, That’s not new,
Thought of you yesterday + the day before too,
I will think of you tomorrow & my whole life through,
& I will think of you forever because I think the world of you.
Sweet as a rose bud
bright as a star
cute as a kitten
thats what u are.
bundles of joy sunshine
fun you are everything
I Love all rolled into 1
I have liked many
I have liked many but loved very few.
Yet no-one has been as sweet as U.
I would stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.
Just for the pleasure of a moment with U.
Speak less to people
Speak less to people whom u love most…..
Because if they cant understand ur silence…..
They can never understand your words….
Feelings are many but words are few
Feelings are many but words are few,
clouds are dark but sky is blue;
Love is a paper, life is glue,
every thing is false, only My Love is TRUE.
My heart for you will never break
My heart for you will never break.
My smile for you will never fade.
My love for you will never end.
I love you!
We cannot be together
We cannot be together,
But we’ll never be apart,
For no matter what life brings us,
You?re always in my heart.
I ask God
I ask God for a rose
he gave me flowers;
I ask God for water
he gave me an ocean;
I ask God for an angel
he gave me the best love ever!
I would never be tired of you
I would never be tired of you
even if I am with you all day long.
In fact I grow to like you
a little more every day.
I love you.
A smile to put you on high…
A kiss to set your soul alright…
Would it be alright if
I spent tonight being loved by you?
When it comes 2 love
When it comes 2 love,
its hard 2 know if u have d right 1.
Many lovers weep, and left in sorrow.y?
Bcoz Words cant immortalize emotions.
Khuda kisi ko kisi pey fidaa
Khuda kisi ko kisi pey fidaa na kare,
Kare to qayamat tak judaa na kare.
Ye maana ki koi marta nahi judaai mein,
Lekin jee bhi to nahi paata tanhaai mein!
Life spent with someone
Life spent with someone for a lifetime may be meaningless,
But a few moments spent with someone who really loves U,
Means more than a life itself!
God made us body
God made us body parts for a reason.
Eyes : to look at you
Hands : to pray for you
Mind : to remember you
Heart : to miss you
Legs : to kick you if u ever forget me!!
Life isn’t counted
“Life isn’t counted by the number of breaths you take,
it’s counted by the number of times your breath is taken away”
You’re breathtaking
Lucky is the man
Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman,
but luckier is the woman
who is the last love of a man.
Animal say beat me not
Animal say beat me not
flower say touch me not
tree say cut me not
but i say forget me not
Tere Bina hum jeena bhool jaate hain…
Zakhmon ko seena bhool jate hain..
Tu zindagi main sabse azeez hai hamain..
Tujhse har bar yeh kehna bhool jaate hain.
From ur friend
1 more
1 more
1 last
From ur friend!
Only the open heart
Only the open heart receives
Only the open mind receives
Only the open hand receives
Only the CUTE 1’s receive
Love is Special
Love is Special, Love is Rare.
Love is made 4 two 2 Share.
Love is Gentle, Love is Blind,
Love begins wen 2 Hearts combine!
If u drop me i ill break
If u drop me i ill break
if u hold me i ill shake
if u need me i ill hurry,
if u don’t call me i ill worry
if u hurt me i ill cry
if u leave me i ill die.
Love bears all things
Love bears all things,
Love believes all things,
Love hopes all things,
and most precious of all,
Love endures all things.
Come we love and make things happy.
Love is not something
Love is not something that happens on first sight,
It happens when you start knowing each other,
And it turn ending up needing each other,
For every feeling,for every thought and for every moment
People fall in love
People fall in love not knowing why or how.
It’s so special a feeling that
it doesn’t require much answers.
U just love no matter how stupid u become.
Socha kisi apne se baat karun,
Apne kisi khaas ko yaad karun,
Kiya jo faisla eid mubarak kehne ka,
Dil ne kaha kyun na aapseshuruwat karun.
I loved her from my heart
I loved her from my heart,
She touched my soul n shake my heart,
I found her mine, but that wasn’t true,
I cried all night but she never dew,
Was it wrong to express my love?
Was it the same reason she left?
Na to yaado ko yaad rakhte hain
Na to yaado ko yaad rakhte hain
Na hi sapno ko saath rakhte hain
Hum to buss unko yaad rakte hain
Jo hamein dil ke pass rakhte hain
It takes half of our life
It takes half of our life to find true love,
And half to keep them.
I am lucky to spend less than half in finding U
And the rest of my life to be spent in keeping U in my heart.
What is LOVE?
L for Land of sorrow.
O for Ocean of tears.
V for Velley of death.
E?for End of life
When i tell u here
When i tell u here, i am
when i tell u i care, i do…
when i tell u i’ll never Leave u, i wont.
Sum it all…i’ll b here, i’ll never get tired
of caring here 4u & i won’t leave u.
You are the sun
You are the sun in my day,
The wind in my sky,
The waves in my ocean,
And the beat in my heart.
Love is something beautiful
Love is something beautiful,a desire,
A feeling that one would like to catch.
Love is the feeling that makes you feel alive.
Love is something that may never go away!
Love doesnt ask
Who r u?
Love only says
U r mine
Love doesnt ask
Where do u live?
Love says
U live in my heart
Love doesnt ask
Do u love me?
Love only says
I love u
What’s missing

What’s missing in H__RT? EA or U?
Pick EA & you’ll get a heart!
If u pick U, you will get hurt!
I’d pick U coz it’s better to get hurt,
Than have a heart without U.
My love for you
My love for you is like water,
Falling countless…
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless.
my eyes when U look into them
my eyes when U look into them,
I love my name when U say it,
I love my heart when U love it,
I love my life when U are in it.
Mere haathon se gir gayi
Mere haathon se gir gayi lakeeren kahin,
Bhool aaye hum apni takdeeren kahin,
Agar mile tumko kahin to utha lena,
Mere hisse ki har khushi apne haathon pe saja lena.
Is dil ka kaha maano
Is dil ka kaha maano ek kaam kar do,
Ek be-naam si mohabbat mere naam kar do,
Meri par faqat itna ehsan kar do,
Kisi din subha ko milo aur shaam kar do.
Last night , thinking of u
Last night , thinking of u,
one tear rolled out,
i asked why r u out?
Tear said there is someone
so beautiful in ur eyes,
now there is no place for me…..
i slipped and fell
Accidents do happen.
i slip- i trip- i stumble-
i fall & usually i dont
care at all.but now i dont
know what to do coz
i slipped and fell in love with u…..
Can U count the stars in the sky?
Can U count the hair of a sheep?
Can U measure how many gallons
of water is in in the pool?
So how can u
count the love in my heart 4 u
I Love You.
A cute Love Story
A cute Love Story:
GIRL:M i Pretty?
Girl:Do U wana Liv wd me?
Girl:if I leav U thn wil u cry?
Grl got Hurt n startd 2 cry.
Boy hold her Tight n said:
U r nt Prety bt BEAUTIFUL.
I dnt wnt 2 liv wd U bt LIVE 4 U.
Whn u leav me i wl nt cry BT DIE.
langage of LOVE
Tears are silent langage of LOVE,
When tears come with reason
means u got some problem,
But when tears come without
reason means u r in LOVE.
love and friendship
Once upon a time
love and friendship
were walking in village.
Love fall in dug because love is blind.
friend ship also fall because
friend ship can do every thing for love
Love doesn’t require
Love doesn’t require two
people look at each other,
that they look together in
the same direction
I love you more than all
I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.
Remove U and I’m DEAD
Just had an x-ray taken.
Guess what they found?
It was U safely stucked in my heart.
They said my heart is fine with U in it.
Remove U and I’m DEAD!
my love for you
We’ve been through a path so dark,
but we still gotten dat special spark,
now we know dat we can neva go wrong,
my love for you will never be gone.
Don’t love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.
What iS gr8 love
What iS gr8 love ?
Its wen u hide tears n still care 4 her .
Its wen she ignores u n u still LOVE her .
Its wen she begins love someone else
n u still SMILE
Humne Chaand se pooha
Humne Chaand se pooha
teri Chaandni ka raaz kya hai?
Chaand ne aapki taraf Ishara
kar ke kaha, Inhi say pucho jisay
dekh kar mein chamakta hoon
who is deeply
When somebody who is deeply
in Love with you tells that
You are
cure, beautiful, & angelic,
I agree. That’s true,
Beleive me,
I swear because love is definitely blind
Life ends when you stop dreaming
Life ends when you stop dreaming,
hope ends when you stop believing
and love ends when you stop caring.
So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful.
Mere pyaar ka hisaab
Mere pyaar ka hisaab jo lagao gi,
To mere pyar ko bay hisaab pao gi,
Paani k bulbule sa hai mera pyar,
Zara si thees lagi to dhundte reh jao gi.
Your words of love steal
Your words of love steal
someone’s heart,
but you don’t know that your
heart is already stolen by me,
check it!
Kafi hai husn dil
Kafi hai husn dil ko behlane ke liye,
mohabbat karlo dil ko dukhane ke liye,
chahe bhale paray ghum se vasta,
ek hum jaisa dost rakhna sab ghamon ko bhulanay k liye
1000 words I could say,
1000 wishes I could pray,
1000 miles legs could walk,
1000 sounds a mouth could talk,
1000 times i’ll b true,
1000 ways 2 say i love you!
U can fall from the sky
U can fall from the sky
U can fall from a tree
But the best way to fall
is in love with me
Love is Pure
Love is Pure
Love is Sure
Love is sweet poison
that Doctors can’t cure
Hum is qadar tum per mur mitain gay
Hum is qadar tum per mur mitain gay,
Tum jahan daikho gay hum hi tumhain dikhengay,
Rakhna her pal is dil main hamari yaad,
Hamaray bad hamari pyar ki dastan dunia walay likhain gay,
To walk is easy but 2 walk alone is tough,
To walk is easy but 2 walk alone is tough,
being missed by someone is nice
but missing someone is painful,
being loved is secure but to love is insecure
Panchi keh rahey hain k hum
Panchi keh rahey hain k hum chaman chor denge,
aur sitare keh rahey hain ki hum gagan chor denge,
Agar tere ishq mein main mar bhi jaun ae sanam,
Tum dilse pukar lena hum kafan chor denge
Love is sweet poison
Love is sweet poison:
Do not consume without your beloved’s advise
and keep out of reach of children
and keep it in cool and dark place
What L O V E
What L O V E stands for?
L = Lake of Sorrow
O = Ocean of Tears
V = Valley of Death
E = End of life….
If love is sweet why does it hurt,
if love is deep why does it burn,
if love is warm why do we shiver,
if love is tender why do we cry,
if love is forever why do we die
When you feel cold
When you feel cold and warm at the same time,
when you read over the same line for the tenth time,
when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme,
and when a simple name conquers your whole mind,
then you are in deep trouble my friend… you are in what they call, “love”.
Open with Love
Open with Love…
If I disturb U
I am Sorry!
But I need
To Say
Disturbing you…
main tumse kuch kahana chahata hu,
wahi baat jo dil ko chu jaye,
wahi pyar ke 3 ilfaz
Mohabbat hum bhi kertay hain
Mohabbat hum bhi kertay hain magar shikwa nahi kertay
hum apni mohabbat ko yun ruswa nahi kertay
jo paas aa baithay usey dil se chahtey hain
jo uth ker chala jaye usey roka nahi kertay
Main apna aj apna
Main apna aj apna kal thumara nam karta hoon,
main apne javen ka her aik pal tumharay naam karta hoon,
Samait sako gay na jisay tum ta qayamat,
Qasam tumhari tumhain itna piyar karta hoon.
Unko hamari yaad aaye
PYAR means….
P = Phone karna..
Y = Yaad karna..
A = Azadi khona..
R = Rote rehna, k kaash phone aaye!!
Unko hamari yaad aaye..So don’t PYAR.
So Friendship said
One day Friendship & Love met one-another.
Love asked Friendship -
“Why do You exist if I’m there?”
So Friendship said -
“To give a Smile to those eyes in which You leave Tears.”
When you love someone truly,
you don’t look for faults,
you don’t look for answers,
you don’t look for mistakes.
Instead, you fight the mistakes,
you accept the faults
overlook the excuses.
Meeting you was fate

Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was
completely out of my control.
What’s love
What’s love?
Those who don’t like it call it a responsibility.
Those who play with it call it a game.
Those who don’t hv it call it a dream.
for me it’s U.
Hearts beat 72 times a min
Hearts beat 72 times a min,
Even if ur heart beats only once a min,
U’ll stil live coz 71 times my heart beats 4u..
Good Morning & Have a good day.
My love is like
My love is like an onion,
It has many layers,
which add taste in your
life, but if you try to cut
it off it may bring tear in your life.
Touch my heart & u will feel
Touch my heart & u will feel,
Listen to my heart & u will hear,
Look into my heart & u will see that
U will alwayz be a special part of me.
I love u when u r happy
I love u when u r sad.
I love u when u r happy.
I love u when u r teasing.
I love u when u r laughing.
I love u when u r angry.
I love u when u love love me.
Mom batti k ander
Mom batti k ander ka dhaga bola,
Main jalta hoon to tu kyon pighalti hai?
Mombati boli,
Jisko dil mein jaga di,
woh bichray to ansu to niklainn gey hi.
Aye Zindagi tu mujh se dagha naa kar,
Mein Zinda rahu yeh dua naa kar,
Koi dekhta hai meri jaan ko to hoti hai jalan,
Aye Hawa tu bhi usse chua naa kar.
Lovely roses and Lovely you..
Lovely roses and Lovely you..
and Lovely r the things u do..
but the loveliest is the frindship of the two
….one is ME and other is YOU.
perfect person
What is Love?
Love isn’t about becoming
somebody else’s “perfect person”
It’s about finding someone who
helps you become the best person you can be.
If a kiss was a raindrop
If a kiss was a raindrop I’d send you showers,
If a hug was a second I’d send you hours,
If happiness was sand I’d send you the sea,
If love was a person I’d send you me.
Love is when someone breaks your heart
What is love?
Love is when someone breaks your heart
and the most amazing thing is that
u still love the person with each broken piece.
To Luv some1 is madness
To Luv some1 is madness,
2 b loved by some1 is a Gift,
Loving some1 who loves u is a duty,
But being loved by some 1 whom u luv is LIFE.
Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai
Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai
Ek pal ki judayi sadiyoun si lagti hai
Pehle nahin socha tha ab sochne laga hoon
Zindagi ke har lamhe mein teri zaroorat si lagti hai
Find ARMS that will HOLD
Find ARMS that will HOLD u at ur WEAKEST
EYES that will SEE u at ur UGLIEST
HEART that will LOVE u at ur WORST
If u’ve found it, u’ve found LOVE
Dil ki aawaz ko izhaar kehte hain,
jhuki nigah ko iqrar kehte hain,
sirf paane ka naam ishq nahin,
kuch khone ko bhi pyar kehte hain
One day u may ask me
One day u may ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: My life…
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!
Never ask 4 a kiss
Never ask 4 a kiss, just take it.
Never give a hug, ask 4 it.
Never ask do u love me, first say I love u.
Never say I cant live without u, say I live for u.
I need you
I love you not
I need you
I need you
I love you
To love without condition
To love without condition,
To talk without intention,
To give without reason,
to care without expectation,
is the heart of true relation
You are like the sunshine so warm,
You are like the sunshine so warm,
you are like sugar, so sweet.
you are like you.
and that’s the reason why I love you!
Aaj is qadar raah main
Aaj is qadar raah main ishq bikhra para hai,
Aaj her khushbo phiki, aur gumnaam her dua hai,
Is anjaan duniya main aap kahan say aa gayai?
Koon ho aap, jis nay mohabbat say mujhey chuna hai
Luv means 2 c sum
Luv means 2 c sum1 wid closed eyes,
2 miss sum1 in crowd,
2 find sum1 in evry thought,
2 live 4 sum1 but be sure dat sum1 z only ONE.
Love tip-
It is advisable to over react
whenever ur partner is in trouble.
It is an opportunity to express
your love and solitude to him..
Those we love
Those we love,
Never go away…
The walk beside us
every day.. unseen…
unhear…still near…
Still loved…Still
missed and still very dear…!
Kuch rishtay anjanay mein hi ho jatay hain
Kuch rishtay anjanay mein hi ho jatay hain,
Pehle dil phir zindagi say jur jatay hain,
Kehtay hain us daur ko pyaar,
Jisme log zindagi say bhi pyare ho jatay hain
Dosti karna hamain bhi sikhado zara
Dosti karna hamain bhi sikhado zara,
Us dil k konay mein hum ko bhi bithado zara,
Hum tumharay dil mein hain k nahi,
Zuban say na sahi sms se to batado zara.
Teacher says to student
Teacher says to student, In Algebra
It means A=C.
Now give relevent example.
Student: Sir, I love you & You love your daughter,
It means that I love your daughter.
Aap ki DOSTI ka sila her haal main daingay
Aap ki DOSTI ka sila her haal main daingay,
Koi maangay yeh DOSTI to usay taal daingay.
Agar dil nay kaha k tum BEWAFA ho,
To qasam say is DIL ko bhi SEENAY say nikal daingay.
<< LOVE >>
is not about whom
you have known the longest..
Who came first…
Who cares the best…
It’s all about WHO CAME & NEVER LEFT.
I was on a ship thinking
I was on a ship thinking of you.wen i looked down i droped a tear in da ocean.then i promised myself that until sumone finds it.i wont forget you.
Khushiyon ka ek sansaar leke ayenge,
patjhar mei bhi bahar leke ayenge,
jab bhi pukaroge pyar se hame,
maut se bhi saansen udhar leke ayenge…!
One day u will ask me
One day u will ask me: What is more important to you, me or your life? I will say: my life? You will walk away from me without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!
Sweetheart! u r so beautiful my love 4u will always b true, here’s a wish 4 my darling… may all your dreams come true & i wish u a very happy birthday. with lots of love and kisses… from a heart that beats…just 4 you by me.
Fact of life:
Fact of life: More often,v fall in love wid a person v can never live wid n sumtimes d one v truely LOVE remains either a friend or a stranger..
bottle main Pepsi say zyaada
bottle main Pepsi say zyaada….
used Socks main smell say bhi zyaadaa….
Adnan Sami main charbi say zyaada…
Mithai main sweet say zyaada…
Pakistan main coruption say zzyaada… I LOVE U?
LOVE: is for you
R: is for red.
RED: is for blood
BLOOD: is for heart
HEART: is for love
LOVE: is for you
YOU: is for me
ME: is for you.
(((I MISS YOU)))
I Luv U
I’m a PAPER, u can write ur feelings, scribble ur anger, use me 2 absorb tears. Don’t throw me after use but when u feel cold burn me to feel warm coz I Luv U.
Feelings are many
Feelings are many but words are few,
clouds are dark but sky is blue;
Love is a paper, life is glue,
every thing is false,
Only My Love is TRUE
1 Stone is enough 2 break a glass,1 sentence is enough 2 break a heart,1 word is enough to fall in love &1 friend is enough to live in this world.
Log samajhte hain humne unko bhula rakha hai
Log samajhte hain humne unko bhula rakha hai,
wo kya jane ki dil me chupa rakha hai,
dekhe na koi usay meri aankho mein,
?isliye palkon ko hum nay jhuka rakha hai.
Log kahte hai
Log kahte hai kii jis se hum ne dosti ki hai
woh chand ka ek tukda hai
hum kehte hai ki jis se hum ne dosti ki hai
chand uus ka ek tukda hai
1 Lovely quote
1 Lovely quote: We always love our love coz our love always loves what we love to love & ur love loves the way you love ur love. so keep loving.
Fact of life
Fact of life: More often,v fall in love wid a person v can never live wid n sumtimes d one v truely LOVE remains either a friend or a stranger.. DON’T frown
The hardest thing
The hardest thing you will ever do is watch the one you love, love someone else.
i’m still alive
Talk 2 me when i’m bored, kiss me when i’m sad, hug me when i cry, care 4 me when i die, love me when i’m still alive.
The one thing
The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough is also love.
I have no regrets. I will never regret loving someone because the feeling of love for five minutes is greater than an eternity of hurt.
Doubt that the stars
Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.
Ae khat ja unke hatho ko
Ae khat ja unke hatho ko chum le.wo padhe to unke hotho ko chumle.khuda na kare wo phar bhi dale, to girte girte unke kadmo ko chum lay.
Jane kis baat ki mujhko saza
Jane kis baat ki mujhko saza deta hai,meri hasti hui ankhon ko rula deta hai.Ek muddat se khabar bhi nahi teri,koi is tarah bhi kya apne Pyar ko bhula deta hai.
Tere DIL mein rahenge SMS bankar
Tere DIL mein rahenge SMS bankar,
Dhadkano mein bajenge RINGTONE bankar,
Kabhi apne DIL se juda mut Samajana,
Hum tere saath chalenge NETWORK bankar!
so be in Luv everyday
Without Love — dayz are
shatterday… so be in Luv everyday…
Wish u a Happy V
Kitna bhi chaho na bhol paoge
Kitna bhi chaho na bhol paoge
Hum se jitna dur jao nazdik pao ge
Humein mita sakte ho to mita do
yaadein meri, magar..
kya sapno se juda kar pao ge humein.
I could fill a 1000 pages
I could fill a 1000 pages
telling U how I feel,
and still U would not understand.. So
now I leave w/o a sound,
except my heart shattering
as it hits the ground.
Only true friends stand by u
during bad times.
I promise
I will attend ur wedding.
A Rose’s Tears
A Rose’s Tears
When a rose’s tears may shed thay almost seem internal.
They go on and on until they finally love.
They will cry until they have someone.
They will cry, they will sob but
they will always hold grace, beauty, and peace
-awais flash back 03217486497-
I make this promise to you my darling, to love you the way that you love me.
I Can Still Remember….Him
I can still remember, the look in his eyes;
His face so bright, and his wonderful smile,
Which made me wonderstruck for a while.
The first time I saw him,
The day was june nine,
I had never seen a person who was so divine.
He was a great person, a very nice man.
His hair was black, his colour was tan.
Shining bright eyes,
He was the best in all the guys.
A sweet innocent look on his face
But now those memories are in haze.
After being departed only sorrow
Is what has to remain
He is not with me and he has left me all in vain
I can see his visage,
In the form of an image
Oh I hope he was here with me, near me.
I hope I will meet him and only ‘he’
-awais flash back 03217486497-
Hello Stranger!
Hello stranger,
I see your face in a big croud.
Hellow stranger,
you brouht home memorys I forgot.
Good bye stranger
I love you so much,
i hope you do to,
but how can i show you.
why did you go,
you are the best i know,
because you are always there for me
-awais flash back 03217486497-
A special LUNCH 4 u, In de hotel of my Heart, A boul of
A special LUNCH 4 u,
In de hotel of my Heart,
A boul of love,
A spoon of care,
In the pot of Happiness,
Dish is friendship,
Pay the bill by MISSING Me….

There r some people in this world,who die very early bcoz God loves them more…… u r still alive ,…Why? Becoz there is some one who loves u more than god…..
My love how would you know
My love how would you know that you are the one who lives in my heart
like my heart beat but do not change with the change in season my love
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Will u smile if i ask u to? Will u come if i call u? will u understand if i’m unable to express? Will u add ‘TOO’ if i say ‘I LOVE U’?

U must b tired coz u hv been running through my mind
U must b tired coz u hv been running through my mind, u gotta b a thief coz u hv stolen my heart n I must hv been a bad shooter coz I keep missing u
Could u pls give me an answer for two question

Could u pls give me an answer for two question ? 1. What is the toler than Everest in the world ? 2. What is the deeper than pacific ocean in the world ? One answer for both of it. That answer is Love Of HUSBAND NAME AND WIFE NAME
love is like onion
people says that love is gift of gods but
I know love is like a onion it gives taste as well as tears………………..
Tendu sherpa
Any body can love a rose,but it takes a great deal to love a leaf.Dont love some one who is beautiful,but love the who can make u r life beautiful…..satya
Watch out!
Defend urself!
. . .
I warned U! U’ve just been strongly attacked by 1,000,000 of tightest hugs.miss u dearie
cant let go
i may not get to see u as often as i like i may not get to hold u in my arms thru de night but deep in my heart i truly know ur de only 1 dat i love an cant let go!!

Whenever u want 2 know how rich u r,never count ur money. Just drop a tear frm ur eyes n count the no.of hands that reach out 2 wipe it.
Love is lyk a piano
Love is lyke a piano, 1st u learn 2 play by de rules, den u must 4get da rules and play 4rm ur heart.
touching lines
The most touching lines written by a man to his Love…. “Ever U miss me,never you cry….For a drop of tear in your eyes ,Is a day less in my life !”
Make ur beloved happy
1. To make ur beloved happy, know first what he/she hate???+9779845145352
I love you and I’l always do
every breath i take is 4 u
every beat my heart makes is 4 u
everything I do is 4 u
one thing i know to do 4 u
I love you and I’l always do
Your presence
Ur presence in my life is just like dat of d moon. Even I can’t touch U & U’ll never wid me. U r d lite of d dark nite for me which inspire me, my heart is calmed wid ur presnece and my eyes r always excited to c ur completeness.( d full moon)……4 my dear R
Good Night
Good night my very special friend,I pray you lay in rest,And may tomorrow bring you,Much love and
happiness.do not think of me… I am in your eyes.
Newton in romantic mood
Newton in romantic mood……
Universal law:
“Love can neither be created nor be destroyed; only it can transfer
One girlfriend to another girlfriend with some loss of money ”
First law:
“A boy in love with a girl, continue to be in love with her and a girl
in love with a boy, continue to be in love with him, until or unless
any external agent(brother or father of the gal) comes into play and
break the legs of the boy. ”
Second law:
“The rate of change of intensity of love of a girl towards a boy is
directly proportional to the instantaneous bank balance of the boy and
the direction of this love is same to as increment or decrement of the
bank balance. ”
Third law:
“The force applied while proposing a girl by a boy is equal and
opposite to the force applied by the girl while slap.
You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I’m grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don’t know that much
But I know this much is true
Purpose of care
care is the sweetest form of luv,so when someone says takecare, its as good as saying i will keep you in my heart till its very best.”takecare” from yakubu siraji
I hve a habit of rem’bering u alwyz.LOVE U MY SHONU
1000 things r between us.
Low battery,
Busy network,
No coverage,
No time,
Heavy work,
No balance
but still.
I hve a habit of rem’bering u alwyz.LOVE U MY SHONU….